when surrender is the better way

When moments of time find fullness…

and rhythms of family life reach capacity,

the routines stretched to limits,

bulging with intention…

It is time.  Time to surrender.

The false notion that we can continue with limited rest, afraid to break free from the urgent or even necessary aspects of our lives points to perhaps an insecurity within?

A fear of allowing others to know that we are not in essence…


For only One never slumbers or sleeps.  With unwavering consistency He completes every purpose without failure along the way.

We are like Him, but we are not Him.

We struggle with restrictions of time, of bodies and minds needing pause, with inconsistency in our delivery of living life with purpose…

and in those moments of recognition — that our limitations must be embraced in order to sanely move forward — God is honored.  Ignoring the need to surrender, to rest in some form,

robs our souls.  We wither and suffer.

Sometimes friends, surrender is the better way.



In light of full family rhythms in our week ahead, the nature of this space takes a pause.

But, I will not be silent overall…offering less words and yet…

inviting you to join in a photo journey of our days.

a morning, noon, and night view of simple things, daily life — snapshots from our week.

three photos each day, a few days of lesser words…

a pause for this Mama.

I hope you will join us….



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