how to trust in the mess

Sometimes, life gets really messy before it gets any better.

We don’t like things to be untidy, do we?  When life’s all disorganized – we don’t know if we’re coming or going and what is the point?

Life has its messy moments however, none of us remains untouched long.  Challenges, difficulties will eventually find their way in, make home and then stay for a while.  Could be for a temporary visit or you may find yourself housing chaos for longer.

During those days, things look and feel a wreck.

We’re in the middle of organized mess.  The kind where you intentionally engage because the end result is worth every moment of upheaval and disarray.  A home addition project l-o-n-g in the works ~ dreaming…saving…praying…thinking.  Built solidly upon vision of not only housing our own family…

...but assisting those in need, those who may need a place of refuge.  To say this is a monumental season is truly an understatement.

We’re in awe of how God has led this up-and-down,‘ sometimes I just can’t take it anymore!’ process.  Yeah, there were moments of craziness along the way :: wondering if dreams will ever come to pass, if God is listening.

There was exhaustion, confusion, a few arguments and a tinge of resentment to be honest.  The journey was full of prayer and faith, but it wasn’t always pretty.  Or easy.

But sometimes…

sometimes, the only way home is through the storm.  There are no shortcuts, no other way around – we’re headed directly into thunder and lightening, and heavy rains pour.

This time of darkness doesn’t make sense – God allows our pain and difficulty even when we cry out in earnest.  Does He hear?  Absolutely.  Does He care?  More than we know.  He is working to get us home :: to where He intends we should be.

I speak this boldly because I believe it, though my walk has been less than my talk at times.

Trust this today  — God knows what He’s doing.  He is fully and totally aware of the mess, the stress…the everything.

And He is working to get you HOME.


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