the homeschool mother’s journal 9.14.12

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In my life this week… oh my, what a set of days.  I’ve been courageously overwhelmed.  Yes, I do believe that’s the term.  Facing tough waters with boldness, or simply sheer grit, but coming out the other side a little speechless.  Tired.  Heavy.  There is much to be grateful for still, and I remind myself that all our weeks will not be like this one.

In our homeschool… we’ve tackled the first days of some online classes for the highschooler!  She fell in love with Arabic, she says.  Sounded like Hebrew to me.  She’s also finding her groove with this new academic load, I’m proud of her.

Reading a whole {real} chapter book in a day and a half as completed by the first grader.  We would look and find him reading, reading, reading…his sense of accomplishment made my heart skip — simple joys.

The 4th grade girl zipped through academics to relish in sewing.  A new class, a new machine, oh my!  We’ve run out of fabric already.  I told her we’d get some more this weekend.

The preschooler worked incredibly hard this week on forming new speech patterns.  She’s very good, his therapist.  The Annie Sullivan type of personality where Mama’s heart winces but remembers it’s all needed, and it’s all out of a desire for him to succeed.

Helpful homeschool tip to share… do not allow younger children to find the frog intended for high school dissection.  Even though it’s packaged and sealed, bad things can happen.  They didn’t, but they could.  Enough said.

I’m being inspired by… the latest edition of Home Educating Family magazine.  Also the quarterly issue of Taproot magazine arrived yesterday.  My heart echoes the call for simplicity, rest and retreat.

My favorite thing this week was… schooling at the library, at the park.  Our days find us a little more out and about than usual, so we’ve adjusted to taking some work on the road with us.  It’s a rather nice change actually, I think it will work two days a week.

And conversations with my 9th grade girl…about vision and destiny, her purpose and God’s direction.  Big stuff peppered by laughter and inside jokes.  Love that.

I’ve been thinking… a lot recently – as in huge bunches of time reflecting, praying…being still.  The work of my heart often transforms into the work of my hands.  I cook.  I write.  Maybe I’ll read.  I create in some way to release and then receive.

Things I’m working on… lesson planning for preschool and 1st (always it seems), organizing our important papers (but really, there’s been little progress here), next week’s post on approaching asthma and allergy care naturally…and, hmmm what else?  Think that’s it for now.

I’m reading… the two magazines shared, Unglued by Lysa Terkeurst (thinking this would make a great women’s study), Cleaning House by Kay Wyma, and  Allergy-Friendly Food for Families.

I’m grateful for… my husband.  Not in the cheesy of-course-I-should-say-that way.  But in the marriage manifesto kind of way because really, the man amazes me.  His steadiness, his wisdom.  His protection and care this week for my ‘courageously overwhelmed’ self.  His words of truth, of love.  Oh yes, I’m incredibly grateful.

A video or link to share this week… Oh, do you have about 4 minutes for worship-song reminders, for soul-strengthening encouragement before you go?  Maybe just start the video and see.


And friends, that’s it…

Grace to your weekend.

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We were out and about more this week too. Sounds like a pattern over all the homeschooling blogs this week 😉 Hope you have a wonderful weekend and those pictures are awesome!! (I have to admit I was giggling at the frog comment too LOL)

I need to come back and see what you write about taking care of asthma and allergies naturally. That’s a huge issue in our household, and am looking for some good ideas.

I feel like we should be friends 🙂 you echoed so many of my thoughts and put them down so beautifully.

Funny about the frog! I have already told my younger kids that we’ll be getting some specimens soon for my oldest’s Biology. They had lots of interesting questions to ask! LOL

I’ll have to check back next week too. My daughter ended up in the ER twice for Asthma last December. I had suspected she had it for 2-3 years, but the Pediatrician didn’t see anything unusual. She came down with a cold and wam! Poor girl! Scary stuff!

Thank you for your opening paragraph. Beautifully written and describes how I felt this week. I needed a little dose of encouragement and received it in reading your post. I hope to remember the next time I am overwhelmed that I should be “courageously overwhelmed” and grateful. What a blessing!!