the homeschool mother’s journal 10.19.12

Joining in with iHomeschool Network today:

In my life this week… we have celebrated and rejoiced at great news, we have been sobered by other news.  Isn’t life crazy like that sometimes?  Overall, I’ve felt a little out of step with everything (including blogging) – a few days behind schedule – and needing to regroup going into next week.  The asthma & allergy wrap-up posts are coming!

In our homeschool… the 9th grade girlie participated in an Apologetics seminar this week, an all day how-to from her speech & debate club.  She then gave a speech defending the Deity of Christ, receiving incredible feedback and recognition for her work – now, this is great news!

First grade was focused on well…FOCUS. 🙂  My guy is a steady worker, but like many six year-olds can be distracted.  His comes from thinking of something new to do while on his way to doing what was asked.  Ahem.  His enjoyment of chapter books continues with passion!

The 4th grade girl learned new math skills and saw how the square root facts she wasn’t sure were worth memorizing (1-12), made her work sooo much easier.  Quite honestly, I wasn’t sure about the need to memorize them either!  We’re both grateful.

The preschooler has settled back into listening to books for longer periods of time.  I think this summer there was just too much to do outdoors to sit with Mom…outdoors still calls, but he’s loving our Five in a Row time.

Helpful homeschool tip to share… take it outdoors if possible.  Schooling feels special in a new environment.

I’m being inspired by… nature.  God is everywhere, He is speaking all of the time…I need only pause to hear Him.  Yet, when I’m in the vast expanse of His created world, somehow I just hear Him more clearly.  Maybe because I still myself there (and here at home I’m on the move).  Not sure.  But, I’m committed to ‘getting out there’ more often.

My favorite thing this week was… celebrating my husband’s dissertation defense!  Oh, it’s not the final phase of this project, and we didn’t do anything big but to cheer wildly as a family when he came through the door.  But, we are excited that part one of this BHAG is behind him.  Yes!

I’ve been thinking… of the Allume conference next week.  Of how I’ve been impacted and changed in the past and how I do believe God is up to something again.

Things I’m working on… getting ready for said conference!  Also, I’m working on a little plan for a home apothecary – just a small collection to start.  Herbs, salves, tinctures and more to assist in the upcoming cold season.  This project is bringing me much joy!

I’m reading… Unglued by Lysa Terkeurst (still not done).   And a couple of others – check out the sidebar!

I’m grateful for… our church community!  We’re incredibly blessed regularly, this week bringing home-cooked meals to our table, sustaining prayers and emails of support, and just offerings and expressions of love.  It’s a honor to serve and work alongside this congregation — they are phenomenal!

A video or link to share this week… nothing new, but my kiddos were wild with excitement to hear that the Waterproof Bible folks had watched their video and shared it with their audience via Twitter!  I chuckled at their enthusiasm…a fun memory.

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And friends, that’s it…

Grace to your weekend.

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what a busy
and fulfilling week
you’ve had

i always enjoy
reading other mums’
journals on homeschooling

thanks for sharing!


Elizabeth Jones

Daniele, I’m so happy to have found your blog! Blessings to you as you serve Jesus and your family this week. I really appreciate you. 🙂

I’ll tell ya, I feel uplifted and encouraged in some way or another every time I read one of your posts, Daniele. And the video you and your kids made was hilarious. Terrific actors! If I had a nickel for every time I dropped my bible into a crisper drawer full of water…. 😉

Elizabeth, glad to have you here! 🙂 Come back anytime.

Thank you Meg – the kids had a great time with the video. Fun, fun.

You’re welcome Alison!

Such a peaceful and inspirational blog. I am gad I found you (again)!:)

I like Life With Heathens, too. There’s plenty of canecr in the title of your other blog. Not that the MEN2a isn’t a huge portion of your life, but it doesn’t need to rule all of your blogs, does it?Or maybe it does. I’ll keep reading it either way. 😉