the forty while 40 list! :: part one

I should have anticipated the month after my birthday to be wild!  Whew.

Finally, we’re slowing down around here, setting into the season of Christmas and looking forward to making memories.  So, I’m now posting my ’40 things’ list ~ just some ideas and thoughts that came to me one day about the upcoming year.  For fun, and to help me be intentional, I’m posting about them here!

I have so much to say about each one, but I’ll save that for future blog posts :).  And some have been completed already!  For November & December, the ones accomplished or pursued will serve as my 3in30 goals.  This list is BIG and exciting, but does fit well into our life — at least what we know for now.

Alright….here’s the first half of my LIST:


Forty Things I’d Like to Accomplish While I’m 40

Learning & Growing (6):

read 10 books to inspire & encourage personal growth

take a cooking class from my Mother (Haitian cooking)

start & finish photography lessons gifted to me

attend a homeschooling conference

learn about organizing my speaking & writing, and developing this space towards this

evaluate all crafting materials & separate into keep & sell :: sell crafting materials


Pen to Paper Experiences (writing) (5)

start & keep an ‘idea’ journal

develop new avenues of sharing on the blog (video?, ebook?, podcasts?)

read 3 books (ebooks or other) on writing & publishing

with discernment, welcome opportunities to write for others

connect with DIY Ministry and other resources for some consulting


Spiritual & Service (5)

establish a monthly giving allowance for the children – an amount to share with ministries on a monthly basis

read the Bible all the way through (using the Narrated Bible)

re-evaluate how to best serve our local congregation with my spiritual gifts & abilities

embrace opportunities at church that match those giftings, release others

intentionally welcome & seek mentoring relationships (formal or informal)


Travel & Experiences (6)

Vacation in Portland, Maine  (with the family)

Visit Lexington Market in Baltimore

Visit the city of Philly for a window-shopping day

Visit a vineyard

Visit Longwood Gardens

Go on a long scenic drive focusing on taking photographs


Tomorrow, I’ll post the rest and share a little more on what’s happening now!


Enjoy today.  It’s full of grace…try not to miss it.




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