thank you Domestic Serenity readers welcome TWO NEW websites!!

Last week I quietly launched my new website to the Facebook community

…with ALL the feels!

I expected nostalgia. But the emotion for this blog surprised me. What a journey over the last 12 years.

Friends, this is the final post on Domestic Serenity.

A few of you asked — and yes, every post is archived. You can still read most at the new site.

Anyone who visits Domestic from a web search or social media space (or from dozens of other ‘homes’ I’ve been honored to share online) will be redirected over THERE.

Just where exactly is there? — Courageously Carrying Light

I welcome you to the website focused on soul care for women:

I gathered my training and experience, prayed for abundant faith, and jumped into offering practical support for tending our relationships — with God, with ourselves, with others.

Similar to Domestic, it’s a quiet spot where I continue as solo author.

You will find encouraging posts, opportunity to work with me 0ne-on-one and in the near future, online workshops and courses.

Do check the new site out – it’s LIVE!  I welcome you. — a collaborative website

I bought the domain for DanieleEvans four to five years ago.

Then one year ago I purchased another domain in the middle of the night (seriously).

I woke up with such clarity about a web home offering women opportunity to find their voice, break shame and silence and share their stories. I also desired space to advocate for awareness and change in our faith communities when it comes to women and abuse.

Then I wrestled and wrestled with which domain name to keep: which website fits my vision? As an author shouldn’t I maintain a site with my name?

It was a PROCESS.

After a helpful conversation with another blogger, clarity came: keep both and share the vision between them.

YES. Of course.

OneStoryOneVoice launches later. While I own and administrate the site, the authors there are many.

If YOU hold interest in sharing your voice or story with this new community, please visit our holding page and offer contact information.

When all is ready — I’ll be in touch!

Thank You Domestic Serenity

I could share words upon words about my relationship with this blog : with you as readers. But the post would turn overly sentimental I fear.

Honestly, it’s probably best I journal most thoughts privately (and I have).

Writing in this space began as a lifeline.

I enjoyed my real life relationships. Blogging also provided SO many true, heartfelt connections.

And the opportunities for income, speaking engagements, magazine writing, partnerships, radio and live interviews, author networking and more stemming from my decision to show up here?

Well, those are meaningful too. Priceless really.

S0 — Thank you friends. Thank you for showing up when I have.

I hope to see you on the other side.



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