ten things I’m loving right now

**{thanks for your homeschooling book suggestions!  Using random.org to choose, the winner of Educating the WholeHearted Child is #38 Lisa H.  Congrats — look for an email from me!}**


1.  the very full, very pink roses outside my front door.  My husband and I wonder exactly what we did right last fall to make them grow so wonderfully this season.  Maybe it will happen again…

2.  incredible homeschooling support by way of gathering with like-minded women; a lunch date and an evening of meeting new friends on the journey – all in one day!  I am so blessed.

3.  the blessing of owning a Kindle, actually two of them purchased from a blogging friend.  I still love my paperbacks, but the girls enjoy these portable handy-dandy tools.  We’ve downloaded tons of free books and imported several audios.  I hear pdf’s can be uploaded as well – yeah!

4.  how hard this little boy works at speech therapy sessions (and how his Daddy helps him) – what a journey over the last year plus…we’ve come a long way!

5.  carrying and using my stationery clutch, which means I’m writing many snail mail notes these days.  love.

6.  practicing piano and remembering days from my childhood — music lessons and such.  Three pages have been learned and memorized (it’s how I was trained to do it) in a weekend of practice.  Only 22 more pages to go. 🙂

7.  evidence of my children’s play all around!  sometimes messy, room to room, upstairs and down, all over creativity happening.

8. being home most of our days.  oh yes, we venture out, visit and do things…but home is where we like to be.  It’s a good thing right now.

9.  discovering a new-to-us music group with my teenage daughter; we’re amazed at what they do with simply voices (though I can’t say we endorse every song they perform)!

10.  cheering my husband on to the finish line of the great, big, huge paper (his dissertation) – defense is in August.  We’re both anticipating the closing of this chapter.


And what are you loving right now?


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Right now? How about a nice cuppa and discovering what’s happens all over blogland?
The birds are singing, we have a couple of deer browsing in the backyard, I know a new fawn is hiding somewhere in the tall grasses (spotted it this morning with its doe), I just heard a bold eagle flying over the island and hubby has finally agreed to paint our livingroom (on the job as I type!)…
Life is good…Thank you Lord!
All the best Daniele!

Sounds so lovely Noelle!


1. summer
2. the sound of the wood thrush in our woods
3. watching the progression of 7 baby wrens in our birdhouse
4. times of quiet, with open windows and summer breeze
5. God’s Word…so very precious
6. eating meals on our deck
7. soon coming…couple of days away with my honey, taking in
natural beauty and learning more history
8. Aleena’s dance recital tomorrow night. She works so hard, and
it doesn’t come easy. So proud of her.
9. new windows in our living room and bedroom…so nice…
hopefully more to come sometime down the road
10. game nights with good neighbors