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One of the common misconceptions or myths about homeschooling is that a parent needs to be able to teach every subject.  To be knowledgeable and somewhat of an expert in each field.

Wow, that’s quite a tall order!

But, this is not even how home-based education works (or traditional education really).  I consider myself and my husband to be our children’s direct instructors as needed, but primarily we’re the overseers of their educational journey.

Thankfully, this journey of homeschooling wasn’t meant to be done alone!  You can and sometimes should find others to come alongside.

Why a Mentor for Your Child

The idea of mentoring could stir up images of apprentice-type relationships of days gone by, and this could still be true in our time.

But a mentor doesn’t need to be a one-to-one type of setup.  Maybe your child will participate in a small group or class and find a role model there.

The idea of having a mentor is basically inviting another person to work with you and your child to bring about their best in an area.  It’s someone who will support, encourage, instruct, coach, and draw out your student by sharing their knowledge and expertise.

Knowledge we may not have as parents!

I’ve been incredibly grateful for healthy relationships of mentors in our children’s lives by way of music teachers, language instructors and tutors.  While I’m still in charge as the parent, I’m happy to delegate actual instruction to someone who can help us!

Where to Find Mentors to Support Your Children

I just recently made a list of avenues for finding and establishing great connections for your children and family.  Try some of these suggestions:

  • your church family
  • relatives and friends
  • current teachers and instructors: who may have connections to other mentors you may need
  • homeschool co-ops
  • local homeschool conventions
  • online communities
  • national organizations with local chapters

This is just a start!  

Using the Internet to Find a Mentor

One area to seriously consider is the internet as a resource.  Nearly every week I’m introduced to new opportunities for classes, lessons and more via a simple internet connection. is one such place.  It’s an easy way to find and connect with pre-qualified music instructors and academic tutors (complete with background checks and other precautionary measures in place).  They’ve worked with over 30,000 students!

The goal is to provide families with in-home, in-studio or even online lessons via Skype.

Over 30 lesson tracks are available including piano, drums, violin, acting, guitar, ukulele!, opera…and more.  There are several options for purchasing lessons such as schedule as you go along or month-by-month.  If you were to book 12 lessons quarterly, the package includes an additional free lesson.

As a former music instructor (piano, violin, and voice!), I’ve checked out‘s opportunities and found their website easy to navigate and the flexible options and variety of lessons a super plus for homeschool families.

A great possibility for mentoring relationships to benefit your family!

Right now, is offering a FREE ebook ‘Quick Guide to Getting Started With Music Lessons’ as a resource.

Also, for readers here there’s a special promo of 20% off lessons or tutoring packages when you use the code SERENITY at checkout.  This offer only lasts until July 6th though!

Get your free ebook by checking under the ‘resources’ link on the home page of and going to the music blog.

Are there other resources you would share for finding mentors?


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