slow cooking, slow living

Dinner took a long time to make yesterday….

this by design.

Following a month plus of fullness, December has been a practice of slowing down, especially in the everyday.  Spotting an open afternoon, I filled time with chopping, stirring …thinking.  Children cooperated with nap time or quiet time and this Mama ‘rested’ in the quiet of the kitchen — a favorite place.

I needed contemplative cooking :: time to ponder, pray and plan for dinner.

A gift.

And the recipe?  New to our table – Chicken Stew with Rosemary Garlic Dumplings – the whole family agrees it’s a keeper!  Nourishing and perfect for cold evenings, winter days. We’ll enjoy this one again.

While the current season of life doesn’t always afford long stretches of quiet…

abundance of solo moments or extended thinking time…

I’m learning {ever so slowly} to appreciate slices of my days where necessary activity can be transformed into a special moment.  To enjoy everyday chores in a slower manner :: to pause when possible.  Sometimes kiddos surround and the noise level isn’t at all quiet — that’s okay too.  It’s part of life now.

To create a bit of domestic serenity :: yes, yes…that’s what I’m after.



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