right now :: November 2017

I imagined this fall to feel full and fast, and it certainly delivered!

I would add furious too.  Growing up, my Mom used this to describe ENERGY behind something. Yep…full, fast and furious were September and October.

But now sports schedules pause, some life events are behind us and we take a collective breath.

Ah, November. How I really do like you.  A snapshot of my right now…


Loving… last week’s birthday gifts from the kids.  They made me smile with explanations of choosing my favorite color for a new sweater and my favorite ‘junk candy bar’ (their words!).  I loved the gifts of course, yet the simple, homemade card of heartfelt thoughts touched my Mom heart the most.  Treasures.

Reading… many books on faith, God, and relationship with him. I’m working through Year Two of a spiritual direction course and also the second year of a spiritual transformation program. Both require reading several books regularly, which thankfully I enjoy and find easy. Maybe I’ll offer another post of favorite titles!

Planning… a blog update and life update post to share. It’s been in the works for several weeks. I’m waiting on God’s green light and imagine sooner than later. Life for me looks much differently than a year ago. It’s time to tell you…almost.

Cooking… well honestly, not too much!  Thus simple meals for our days. I’ve contemplated doing another Whole 30 round, but really, not the best timing.  I did try a few new recipes; overall I stick to basics we enjoy and allow the children to cook away when inspired.  My own cooking mojo will return at some point.

Watching… anticipating season 2 of The Crown and vowing not to watch it too quickly. I also anticipate failing in this commitment. ☺️ The boys (ages 8 and 11) and I watched parts of the World Series as we cheered excitedly for Houston. Other than those few occasional sports with said boys, I don’t watch much. I have plenty of reading to do!

Listening… my 14 yr old daughter arranges the best Spotify playlists and she set me up.  Worship music, instrumentals and now I need to ask for Christmas playlists as well. Good stuff that Spotify.

Enjoying… our nightly Scripture practice. For years and years, I have prayed over the children and sung to them before bed.  Months ago it dawned on me we should still do this together!  So we began. We light a candle each evening, gather around outlined biblical texts for the day, and sing together simple songs of faith. Beautiful. Rich. Grounding.

Goingactually, an ‘already went’ story: this summer I visited a transitional center for women, most of whom are in between leaving a toxic or harmful situation and establishing their new normal. I am grateful for a friend’s suggestion to volunteer. While not active right now, my soul feels incredibly energized! Not by the struggles or the pain present. I am both humbled and energized anticipating adding voice to the chorus of these courageous women.

Looking forward to… this holiday season. I love, LOVE Advent and all it represents personally as a Christ-follower. The story never gets old for me — Christ came to us.  Alleluia.

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{a personal thank you: I appreciate emails received the last few months. Thanks for sharing you miss words here and elsewhere in blog land.  I’m not at all done, but understand how it seems this way. Grateful for your care and kindness!}



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