right now

I am…

enjoying :: being still and sipping a cup of hot tea. on a fairly humid day, but tea calms me.

thinking about :: our homeschool year and the plans, structure we will need to help two elementary-aged girls, a preschooler, an infant and one Mama all stay sane. It’s coming together as I release some expectations and adopt others.

looking forward to :: this book’s release in just a few weeks. (like I’ll really have time to craft anything in the next months, but still!)

listening :: hopefully bit by bit this week and next to Crazy Love, July’s free download from Christian Audio; and to my husband’s sermon from Sunday—not allowing life’s ‘weeds’ to choke out the fruit God wants to produce in us (Mark 4, the parable of the sower). I was there to hear it live, but just need to keep it before me…and really, he IS my favorite preacher anyway!

writing this week :: our women’s ministry newsletter for church and a few devotionals to be submitted by late August for publication consideration. exciting!

wondering :: about the baby naturally. when we’ll get to meet this new one, how much bigger this belly of mine can grow before that time, his or her temperament (and praying for a calm one!)…just little thoughts floating through my mind.

And you? What are you enjoying right now?

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Enjoying….summer, windows open, slight breeze blowing through, outdoor sounds.
Quiet day, working on photo albums.

Ann@His Grace To Me

Enjoying a pot of freshly shelled peas, all the hot work in the garden was sooooo worth it!

HomeGrown Life

My husband is a big fan of Francis Chan and has read and re-read Crazy Love over this past year. It's no wonder you're introspective these days… can't wait to hear about the good news of the baby's arrival one of these days (or weeks)!