The week has moved slowly thus far…

Despite efforts to ward off the national flu crisis from creeping into our home, last week our bodies gave in.  This also in slow manner with one child, then Mama, then another child teetering.  Others dance around the edges and we hope for it all to pass quickly.

With my whole being, I fought against succumbing to bedridden sickness.  I’m grateful of course for time to properly rest.  Thankful for healing bodies designed to recover when given space, necessary assistance.

But well…I had things to do.  Places to be.

After weeks of intentional pause this fall, the new year has found me ready to —


This was not to be the case however.  While I’m hopefully on the mend now, for days I’ve been in bed for the most part.  Not moving much at all.

I read some.

I watched Downton’s latest (and yes, became teary!).  

I answered a few emails.

I wrote this post.  I slept lots.

But none of this was THE PLAN.

While head knowledge clearly grasped understanding I’m not in ultimate control, heart knowledge needed a reminder.  Oh yes, this heart of mine was simply due for a lesson in release — in letting go and in sweet surrender.

Sweet?  Yes, it’s true.  Somehow, this  feverish war of mind-body recoup offered my spirit time for gentle prompting — Daniele,  speak joy remember?  Speak Joy.  For gratitude must rise above the rest and find place at the top.

And in this year of more with less, of asking God to rightly fill empty spaces created upon spiritual decluttering, I’m growing content somehow in the waiting…yes, even in the fever-filled waiting days of recuperation.

For somehow, this made more room for HIM.

Grace, friends…


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I hope you feel better and feel back on track again soon. It’s no fun when mom is sick!


Thank you Lisa – we are much improved!