on birthday eve :: anticipating the days


Tomorrow is my 40th birthday.

I’ve endured lots of good-natured teasing from friends and family, and have offered a few side comments myself.  I guess it’s expected in our culture…though I’m not sure when ‘over the hill’ actually is according to party stores.  Forty?  Fifty? Definitely sixty?

No one seems to really know.

All in all — there are really no qualms about this age.  I’ve been reflective the last several months {completely my nature anyhow} and one theme continues to ring true:

I want to live intentionally. On purpose.  Not by default, but by design.

First, it was I wanted to live with no regrets.  But then I thought on that some more.  And you know what?

That’ s nearly impossible.

In fact, I don’t want to wade through life desperately trying to avoid mistakes, or attempting to keep myself or others perpetually happy.  I’ve done that already and there are no rewards to be had there.  Life isn’t about buffering myself from any pain or sadness — they will come regardless.

Following new paths, establishing goals, reaching for BIG God-breathed dreams is risky business and failure is somewhat inevitable.  We will fall down, we will make mistakes.  Fellow Christ follower, hear me on this one — living according to His ways and plans is not always ‘safe’ and within our comfort zones.

But His plans are always good.  Better than our own.

So this is it, my meditation into a new decade :: words I hope to live by

I want it ALL — everything that God has in store for me and my family!  I want to open my mouth wide so that He may fill it.  When it feels too huge, too much, may I run to Him instead of away.
I want to give it my ALL — I lay down every ability, all talent, each gift at His feet….asking Him to direct their paths and which way they should go.  From there, by grace, I will arise and work wholeheartedly, sacrificially, enthusiastically! :: however I can expand His kingdom, I will.
In pursuing this ALL — when I stumble, may I rise up.  When I fail, may I try again.  When it doesn’t seem worth it, may I be reminded of just why I began in the first place…
…because it’s ALL for Him.  All for Him.



{remember I mentioned about a 40 things I want to do while I’m 40 list?  I’ve been working on it excitedly and plan to share here soon as final tweaking is complete!}






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