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Along with ministry & service to our local church, my husband also serves as an educational consultant to private schools :: working with administrators, teachers & other staff. One of the blessings through the years is that we’ve often received free curriculum and other educational items. This time it was several boxes of books from a school that was closing. To say the children and I are excited is an understatement!
I will list titles in my sidebar of books we’re enjoying so that you can check them out for the little ones in your life. And, here’s a few of our favorite places online for books:
Big Universe :: full screen online books, hundreds of choices for when you may not have at home a title on a particular subject.
1000 Good Books List :: a great place to find wonderful titles for pre-schoolers to high schoolers, because there’s nothing like cuddling up in bed or on the couch with an engaging book!
The Rosetta Project :: a sweet site of online & audio vintage children’s books
Kids Learn Out Loud :: a few free audio books and many for purchase–on topics from literature to math to politics; we’ve found famous speeches here
Also, your favorite authors may have a site for activities that match their books. Ex: Jan Brett’s site and her books.

Happy Reading!

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What a blessing!


Ann@His Grace To Me

Oooh! I can’t wait to check out these links!