my one word for 2012

I remember the excitement, the deep settledness (is that a word?) when the Lord spoke His word for 2011

Nourish. Oh, how this was ministry to my heart, brought peace to my spirit.  The practice of asking and receiving one word to define the year wasn’t new at all, yet for the first time in a long time, I embraced the word more intentionally.

With help and reminders from friends, and especially the support of my spouse, I gave myself over fully to living out ‘Nourish’.

If you’ve journeyed with me a while, you may remember a few posts from the past year:

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or the series on Burnout Recovery

2011 :: nourish — you were a good year.  Thank you, sweet Jesus, for your direction…for your provision. I am so grateful.

I am probably equally thrilled about my one word for 2012!


to work toward, follow, aim at,

aspire to, chase…go after



Oh, I’m in love with it (yes I am :)) — what a rich word!  Washing dishes a few weeks ago, hand in soap scrubbing grime off pots and pans, the Lord spoke in that still Voice…

and I knew. Such a peaceful knowing, when there is confidence and understanding that He is leading.

Amen and amen…


{for anyone interested, there is a movement of those embracing one word for the year — you’ll find community if desired, and excellent instruction when thinking on choosing one word for 2012.  While I’m not participating, the website is inspirational!}



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