just being myself :: how about you?



The forty while 40 list is simply a reflection of me…

simply me.

In these long short years of living, especially the most recent months,

I’m learning the value of accepting just how I’m wired, just how He has shaped me.

It’s never an excuse to not grow, to quit learning, to justify wrong actions or thoughts.  Yet, this mind and heart of mine leans in ways designed by One who knew just how and why and what.  I’ve ceased for the most part fighting  and resisting, and graciously allowing His intentions to flow through me.

And how about you?

What would your list include?  Oh, not forty things! — instead, how has the Father shaped you, made you, wired you?

He designed with intention, with purpose :: crafting experiences and opportunities to match.  Do we believe this?

I encourage today a pause for examination.

Asking of Him or confessing just where there is hesitation to be all He intends.

He will respond with grace.  Ask of Him.


{a peaceful weekend to all…}



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