in the book bag

Being a lover of books and all things wordy, even I do believe that my ‘book bag’ so to speak is rather full these days.  The challenge is to read one book at a time, rather than my current method of placing nearly all of them in various corners of our home (or of the car) for when I have just a minute to read.  Hmmm…must think on this.  It’s helpful that I read quickly, but these will take me into the new year!

For now, let me introduce the current book bag (minus the crafting books. ahem.) ::

Holy Habits: A Woman’s Guide to Intentional Living
~ the women of our church are reading through this; the author’s focus is on examining the nature of God through His various names which informs how we are to live intentionally.  Simplistic, practical and yet profound in its reminders!

Grace Is For Sinners
~ After meeting this author recently, her journey of redemption peaked my interest (and I wanted to support a self-published author).  This one just came in and only a few chapters have been read, so much more to go!  Serena has a website of the same title with more of her story.

Don’t Waste Your Life
~ all of this talk of living intentionally caused me to download the free audio version of this title (only available for November).  When I can recover my iPod from my children’s hands, then I’ll get to listening.  I appreciate all things John Piper!

The Spirit of Food: 34 Writers on Feasting and Fasting toward God
~ oh, it just seems interesting!  On its way from Amazon….not much to report just yet.

Treasuring God in Our Traditions
~ did I mention I like the Pipers?  John’s wife, Noel, writes so eloquently on the need to infuse our yearly celebrations with the presence of God at work so that the next generation may know Him.  So. So. Good.  A free download of the book is available at the Piper’s website.

One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are
~ this one hasn’t been released yet!  The author, who I also had the pleasure of meeting, generously gifted an e-version to conference attendees…woohoo!  Refreshing, challenging and full of over-the-top encouragement :: words for the soul.

Tell Your Time (not pictured)
~ the e-book is transformative!  Seriously.  I’m a fairly organized person who has read a few time management books in the past…yet, there was much to glean from this quick read of a book (it’s only 30 pages).  The author, yes…I again had the opportunity to meet her, deals with the internal before the external when considering how we spend our time.  She asks questions such as ‘what do you want to be remembered for?  what kind of person would you like to be?‘ as part of the process.  This time management approach deals with who you are (or desire to be) before attempting to even look at how to plot your time.  I cannot recommend this highly enough, it’s excellent!

Oh, good reads in store!

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