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“Somewhere, somehow, you too pour out value, a costly sacrifice.  And those around…may not assign importance.  They do not understand what Jesus sees clearly :: a woman of substance, offering gifts of significance.”

~ from {to do a beautiful thing} :: part one of a series

I remember the first moves towards choosing homeschooling for our family.  We were hesitant, unsure of ourselves and I hoped and prayed — a lot — that we were doing right by our child.  Now about 12 years later, with a few more children added to the mix, I sometimes feel the same way.  Especially at the end of a school year.

Last week found me delivering our 7th grader to state required achievement tests and thoughts of doubt threatened to overcome.  The questions danced through my head once more.

Did we do enough?  Is she ready?  How will she compare?  Maybe we could have spent more time on….

Surely I’m not the only Mama who wrestles and wonders at times?  But last week, I had an epiphany of sorts, waking to the idea that maybe…just maybe…I’m asking the wrong questions.

In the biblical account of the woman with the alabaster box, she receives anger from those around who couldn’t understand why such an expensive perfume had to be wasted.  There were more important ways to spend her treasure!  But Jesus silenced them all with simple words and a strong command:

“Leave her alone…why are you bothering her?  She has done a beautiful thing to me.”

He called her actions beautiful.  Not a waste, but of great importance.

Reading this story last week, I realized the question that should fill my mind.  One question to help me gauge our year, our time of education at home.


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[…] homeschooling :: gathering beautiful things […]

[…] homeschooling :: gathering beautiful things […]

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