goals, planning, organization, and all that jazz!

Happy NEW Year 2014!

I entered the new year quietly –

as in no parties, no fanfare, and no…I wasn’t asleep at midnight.  But, it was a simple night overall.

However, the last two weeks I’ve been buzzing with organizational activity! Staples has seen me 4x during these days, and I totally took over our dining room table with dividers, notebooks, paper punches, markers, post-it notes, plenty of pens, my label maker (affiliate links), and other stuff.

I LOVE planning & organizing.

So needless to say, I’m energized and can’t wait to show you my planners.  Yes, that’s plural!

You’ve seen a sneak peak of one new planner, but there’s more.  I decided to split up one larger notebook holding several areas of life into three planners (or mini-notebooks) which function differently.  I also left many digital tools or apps behind — was NOT working for me!

All the Type A folks out there probably can’t wait to read my posts next week…

…and the rest of you may be wondering where the mellow, low-key author of this blog went.

I’m both of those people, so no worries. 🙂

Resources for Goal Setting

My husband and I have also had many discussions about our outlook & goals over the next year.

While we don’t script everything out, there are general plans and ideas prayed over and pursued.  I’ll share some of these later this month, including my ‘one word’ for 2014.

Today, I want to encourage your heart with words I’ve written on pursuing dreams, setting goals, and opening up your life to what God is desiring for you.

Because whether YOU are a goal-setter or not — your GOD is most definitely a planner.

As you ponder moving into the New Year, a few thoughts:

:  :

Alright, my blog sabbath has come to a close after this weekend…

so I’ll tell you more about those planners (and wrap up the 52 ways series) over the next two weeks!

Grace to you.


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I look forward to reading more about your organizational tips. That is a true gift; one that I don’t have. I’m organized in my own way, but not in a way that I want to be. I think people call that organized chaos or organized clutter. Anyway, I hope to be able to get the clutter in order because it’s not productive.


We can all learn from each other Jen! Hopefully, you’ll find some nuggets of help as I post. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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