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From November 2011 to November 2012, I’m celebrating my 40th birthday! This list was made in a short time, but thought about & prayed over numerous times :: not to mention all of the great conversations with my husband :).

Here are GUIDELINES I’ve set up for myself:

1.  all monies needed will come from birthday funds gifted to me or from selling one thing to do another {have I ever mentioned my love for ebay, craigslist and etsy?}

2.  I am not a slave to this list.  Though it’s BIG, it fits well with our life, but only as I can see it now.

3.  As I approach each one, I’ll blog about the story behind the choice {and even tweet under the hashtag #40while40}.  Follow along? — this will be fun!


So without further ado…

{follow the blog posts to see how I’m doing!}

Forty Things I’d Like to Accomplish While I’m 40

Learning & Growing (6):

read 10 books to inspire & encourage personal growth

take a cooking class from my Mother (Haitian cooking)

start & finish photography lessons gifted to me

attend a homeschooling conference

learn about organizing my speaking & writing, and developing this space towards this

evaluate all crafting materials & separate into keep & sell :: sell crafting materials :: started, ongoing!


Pen to Paper experiences (writing) (5)

start & keep an ‘idea’ journal  :: blogged

develop new avenues of sharing on the blog (podcasts? video? ebooks?)

read 3 books (ebooks or other) on writing & publishing

with discernment, welcome opportunities to write for blogs or other   :: blogged

connect with DIY Ministry and other resources for some consulting


Spiritual & Service (5)

establish a monthly giving allowance for the children – an amount to share with ministries on a monthly basis :: blogged

read the Bible all the way through (using the Narrated Bible)

re-evaluate how to best serve our congregation with my spiritual gifts and abilities

embrace opportunities at church that match those gifts, release others

intentionally seek mentoring relationships (formal or informal)


Travel & Experiences (6)

Vacation in Portland, Maine  (with the family)

Visit Lexington Market in Baltimore

Visit the city of Philly for a window-shopping day

Visit a vineyard

Visit Longwood Gardens

Go on a long scenic drive focusing on taking photographs


Celebrate Marriage & Family (6)

with my husband, attend a music concert of interest

plan for & spend a family weekend looking at our mission statement

evaluate our family traditions, establish new ones, affirm old ones

go away on a 1-2 overnight stay (gifted to us!) with my husband

enjoy a summer high tea party with my girls

host a messy party for my boys


For Fun (3)

go sailing at least once

eat at 3 new ethnic restaurants (with friends or with my husband)

host a shrimp boil or salad party with friends

Health & Wellness (3)

continue with healthy habits established — less processed foods, green smoothies, etc.

purchase a bike and try out at least two trails

take a personal retreat (a yearly practice)


In the Kitchen (6)

purchase a grain mill & grind my own grain regularly

make my own vanilla extract

learn to grow sprouts

learn to make water kefir for our smoothies

make liquid hand soap :: blogged

plant and maintain a small herb garden (think 3!)


** follow the blog posts, see how I’m doing! **





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