Food Storage Tips for Pantry and Freezer {and a giveaway!}

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Welcome to Day #8 in our series on real food – we’re about food storage today.

If you’ve worked hard to purchase higher quality foods for your family, it would be terrible to lose it to freezer-burn, moisture, bugs, or molding, rotting, etc.  Hopefully, storing items properly will help!

Freezer Storage Tips

You’ll find a few ideas on my planning a freezer cooking day post, so check there too.

I don’t use any special vacuum-seal products, but simply plastic storage bags – quart, gallon and 2 gallon.  I also use quart-sized wide-mouth Mason jars for pasta sauce, cooked beans, freezer jam and plenty of other items (the plastic caps are great too).

For casseroles or larger meals, I often freeze in glass dishes.  So far, no broken glass! 🙂

Extra bulk items such as flours, raw nuts, and rice are stored in my freezers to temper any bug growth, or to keep nuts from going bad.  Our maple syrup is also stored in the freezer.

Here are a few other helps:

Pantry Storage Tips

I drool over plastic containers like Oxo brand, or glass ones like Weck jars – but, I don’t own them.  Simple Mason jars and sturdy plastic ware are found on our shelves.

Don’t despair if your kitchen lacks multiple cabinets or a walk-in pantry!  Think outside the box (or outside the kitchen in this case) for storing food items:

  • a corner of your garage
  • under a bed
  • on top of kitchen cabinets
  • an unused closet
  • your basement
  • or another space!

If you are purchasing food in bulk for long-term storage (months), or storing in a place like the basement or garage, you’ll want to read this post for step-by-step information.  Keeping moisture out of your food is paramount to storing it well.

Check out Organized Home for an excellent article called Pantry Pride – many helps including a printable pantry inventory list and shopping list.

Finally, here’s a helpful article on deciding what to store (with a focus on emergency preparedness), which is a personal decision in many ways.

*Update:  another detailed storage post! – Frugal Pantry Storage Tips

And now for the GIVEAWAY… {NOW CLOSED}

I’m thrilled to partner with these companies and authors to offer readers here a fabulous giveaway!

We personally use Real Salt, and I’ve either read or at least quickly reviewed these ebooks — great information coming someone’s way.  More in-depth helps and tools!

THANK YOU to all of the authorsRedmond Trading and Plan to Eat for sponsoring this giveaway; let me tell you what’s in store —

ONE READER will receive:

One copy of each book – 

Real Food on a Real Budget (retail: $18.97)

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One Redmond’s Organic Seasoning Gift Box (retail 19.99) – mailed to your home!


One-year membership to a meal planning website — Plan to Eat (retail $39)


So,  you want to enter to win over $100 worth of REAL FOOD goodies and information!?

*I received copies of all 4 eBooks and a seasoning gift set, and was not compensated in any other way.  Giveaway open to continental US residents only, giveaway ends 10/29 at 8:00 a.m. ET.  Winner has 48 hrs to respond or new winner will be chosen.  Email subscribers, click over to the blog to enter.*

To ENTER the Giveaway — simply leave ONE comment sharing which prize you’re most excited about!  {GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED…thanks for entering!}


Be sure to check out posts in the 10 Day Series for more helpful tips on stocking your kitchen….


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I would love to win the 1 year membership to Plan to Eat! I’ve wanted to try a meal planning service for a long time but haven’t been able to justify the expense.

The Plan to Eat membership! I tried a trial membership and really liked it, but didn’t have the $$ in the budget to continue, so would love to win one. Thanks for the opportunity!

Mary Liz

The Plan to Eat website meal planning. I like that it will make the grocery list from the menus I plan and keep me on a budget. That would be helpful especially helpful not only for daily meal planning but also weekend camping trips and a week long vacation. Thank you for the suggestions and offer.


I would love to win the e-books…always looking for new recipes and ideas!

Deborah OBryan

Just tried freezing cooking this past weekend. Looking forward to reaping from our effort. Would love more info on how to prepare good food for my family and make it easier on the cook.

We love Real Salt so that set would be great. I’d also love the ebooks!


Well it all sounds great! 🙂 But I’d be pretty excited about trying the garlic, onion, and season salt!


Would LOVE the books! Always open to new ideas on how to make homemaking smoother, healthier, and more beautiful!


This would be amazing! I love to be prepared and have food in the freezer and learn how to make homemaking easier. Also, LOVE Real Salt!!

Kristina Best

I am excited about the books. 🙂


The books sound great! I’m especially trying to figure out the challenge of eating local/seasonal as…WINTER…approaches!


Hmm…it all sounds great. I have read one of those books but the others sound good as well. However, the seasoning salt package from Redmond sounds wonderful and I’m most excited about that!

Oops, somehow I think I commented on the wrong post. :-0 Trying again …

I’d love to win the Real Food on a Real Budget book. With two in college, both topics are high priorities around here. 🙂


Would love to try the salt!


I’m most excited about the Plan to Eat membership! It would be such a big help!


I’m most excited about real food on a real budget.


The 4 practical e-books is what I’m most excited about! They would be so helpful.


I can’t choose between the four books! I’m always looking for new resources!

I would love any of them but especially, the Real Food for the Real Homemaker book!
I love your posts keep it up!

I’ve heard so many amazing things about Plan to Eat, I’d love to try it!

Emyle D

This offer is fantastic, and it was so hard to pick just one! However, I would have to say the ebooks would be amazing to win. My best friend and I have been putting our research on real food & meal planning to work, so the books would be invaluable to our families.

The meal planning subscription! I get stuck in such a rut with meal planning, I would love to have new ideas

Julie W

I’d enjoy all of the prizes, but the Plan to Eat membership would be fantastic. Thanks!

lindsey poyner

Easy. Homemade for a self-proclaimed kitchen dunce

I love the salt. I am trying to make the simple staples less bland and more gourmet.


I have LOVED following this series (AND hearing about your husband’s success this week through Facebook) ~ thank you! I am most excited about the ebooks. 🙂

Catherine Oakley

The Real Food on a Real Budget looks like a great book – I’d love to have that one.


The salts sound very Interesting.. I love trying new spices and foods. But I am also very interested in the Real Food on a Real Budget book.8

Audrey Thomas

It was hard to choose just one, but I would have to say the meal planning subscription. Thanks for the giveaway. I enjoy reading your blog!


The books look awesome, so I think I would be most excited about winning those, but I also love the Real Salt seasoning salt and am about to run out : ) Thanks for the giveaway!


I’m excited about the year subscription to Plan to Eat! I have 3 kids under 4, and 5 people over 16 to feed! Planning healthy meals eats up time and energy that are in short supply for me. I’ve been toying with trying a company like plan to eat, but there’s so many and I can’t make a commitment! This would be such a blessing to our family! {and my sanity, not gonna lie!!}


I would enjoy the Stock the Real Food Pantry. I always like having staples on hand to make a quick meal. The salt also sounds good!


I am excited about the Plan to Eat membership! I think my husband would be most excited about the Real Salt though! 🙂


I am most excited for Real Food for the Real Homemaker. I would love to have all those recipes to try!


Most excited for the plan to eat membership !


The Plan to Eat membership would be awesome!

Melinda Littlefield

I would love to win the package – especially the book Real Food on a Budget. I struggle weekly.

Juli Fields

I am excited about all of it, but if I had to choose just one, it would be the ebooks. I am always looking for new cookbooks.


most excited for the cookbooks!

So generous! I’m crossing my fingers! Thanks for the chance 🙂


I am most excited about winning the seasoning salt set!
Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net


Thanks for sharing this great series! I would love to try the Redmond salt 🙂

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