encouragement for tough times

Right now, almost all my closest and dearest friends are dealing with tough times, difficult news.

The last several weeks brought phone calls, emails, messages and texts which quite literally took my breath away. I heard of a troubling medical diagnosis, a stepdad’s sudden death and for another friend, a daughter’s death. There are upcoming surgeries and a surgery gone wrong.

I can hardly find words to describe the emotions — theirs or mine.

So I listen. I cry. I write, call, text back an I’m so sorry this is happening and I do what is possible practically, if anything.

These women are true rocks of friendship, the best kind. Gratefulness doesn’t begin to describe my thoughts towards each of them, especially for their active presence in my life this past year. My heart aches for their pain.

The JOY of GOD has passed through the poverty of the manger and the torment of the cross; and SO — it is unconquerable, irrefutable.  

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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God’s joy in our life can feel dimmed or snuffed out by life circumstances. However strong our faith, experiences on this side of eternity can just plain knock us over. At times nothing or no one could prepare us.

The pain, questions, doubts feel large and God feels small.

If you too friend face tough times… may the quote above offer HOPE.

As you grieve (because it’s necessary) and as you wrestle with questions (also quite necessary), may your soul know nothing can conquer the love and joy of God towards you, for you, in you.  It’s indestructible. 



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