notes on disclosure & disclaimer

Here at Domestic Serenity, my primary purpose is

to encourage Christian women to joyfully care for themselves, their families and their homes.

Disclosure:  At times, I’ll share affiliate links to resources; these are ones our family has used or can recommend with confidence.   Should you purchase an item using these links, I will earn a very small percentage of the sale.  I am in no way interested in a quick buck and would rather discontinue the practice of these links to maintain my integrity.  That said, I cannot always ensure every site linked will be one I can fully endorse.  I trust my readers to use discernment for what would benefit them and their families.

I also accept opportunities for underwritten posts if the product and company are a good fit for my readers and blog.  All posts are my own opinions and words; I will not accept payment for posts I did not write in full.

Thank you for supporting the site!

Disclaimer:  At times, I’ll also share from our family’s journey in natural & herbal remedies and care, recipes and general posts on caring for our physical, mental and spiritual wellness.  I’m not a physician or medical professional in any field. I’m really only one woman sharing her findings & thoughts in this health and wellness journey (including spiritual wellness).

These posts are for educational purposes alone and are not intended to diagnose, prevent, cure, or treat any illness, disease or health concern.  Readers are encouraged to seek the advice of their medical authority before implementing any strategies our family has used.  I cannot be held responsible for sharing possible suggestions in making personal lifestyle and/or medical decisions, so please seek wisdom and counsel from a professional in the field of your concern.

Should you ever have questions, please contact me via domesticserenity (AT) gmail (DOT) com.  My hope is that you’ll find much encouragement within these pages — should you have any concerns about what I share, please contact me.

Thank you, friends.


these are great! my 3 kids are ages 5 and under so these are great to keep in my purse in case something would ever hapepn to them and i would need to give current info to someone about them. you could even put information about birthmarks and identifying marks on them. great idea! thanks!

My dear Cookie and Dave,Sometime in my journey of life I experienced the comfort of many timeless traditions that I thought were not necessary when I was in my late teens and early twenties. I am sorry I skipped Bethany’s funeral.You were both part of my college education that gives meaning to the proverb not to let your studies interfere with your education. I always enjoy the chance meetings we share infrequently.God is watching you.I am blessed by you.Eldon Esau

[…] notes on disclosure & disclaimer […]

[…] notes on disclosure & disclaimer […]

[…] notes on disclosure & disclaimer […]

[…] notes on disclosure & disclaimer […]

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