The ULTIMATE Guide to Creating a Home Management Notebook

Suffice it to say I love talking organization.

I’m really good at dreaming up ideas and placing them into a few, maybe several?, okay a LOT of pretty notebooks.

Hmmm…I just might have a slight problem.  Maybe.

But instead of dwelling on that unpleasant thought, let’s talk home management notebooks today!  **Update: Also take a look at my 5 favorite planning tools at this post!**

List Plan It - Hundreds of Lists to Put Your World in Order

Why Have a Home Management Binder?

Often called a notebook or binder, it’s simply a place to collect important info to you and your family.  Think of it as a portable mini file cabinet of sorts.

Three reasons I like having a notebook handy:

  • for when I’d like to work away from home
  • for the family to have access to important info
  • for a quick overview of many areas of life

In one place, I can prep to meal plan, scope out the kids’ reading lists, find the contact info for our church family or my daughter’s field hockey coach, and jot down ideas for blogging!  It’s a great tool – I depend on my notebook quite a bit.

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What to Place in the Notebook?

The wonderful thing about a home management notebook is it’s completely customizable — put into the binder whatever is beneficial for YOU.

Need help brainstorming?  ANY of these could be placed as categories of your notebook:

Creating YOUR Home Notebook

After you’ve decided which categories to begin with – you can always add on – it’s time to gather materials to put the notebook together.

You’ll find an excellent post on the WHY and also great tips for set up over at Habits for a Happy Home – a super starting place.

If you’re the visual type, this YouTube video is one of the most detailed I found.  You certainly wouldn’t need to do everything here, but it helps to “see” a notebook in action.  And, she offers a link to some really nice FREE printables!

Take a Look at these How-To Posts

This year, I’ve fallen head over heels for the Martha Stewart line of products!  My management notebook above and some of the stickers, dividers, calendar and more are from that line.  They’re sold exclusively at Staples.

But really, I like just about any office products!  A few of my favorites used to make a home binder:


Where to Find Printables for Your Home Binder

Thankfully, there are numerous spaces and places to find printables and sheets for ANY section of your management notebook — for purchase or for FREE!

Need a Bible reading plan?  A blogging planner or weekly menu sheet?  Want to write out goals and projects for the year?

You name it, it’s probably out there.  I’ve searched high and low, wide and far to find some GREAT printables just for you.  Get your wallet or your printer ready — here we go!

Etsy Shops


FREE & Paid General Printables

Many sites or blog posts offer several different kinds and types of sheets:

  • Mrs. January – couponing, lots of home management categories and finance printables, all for FREE
  • List PlanIT – both free & paid.  It’s worth it to simply look at the many, many types of lists they have!
  • Organizing HomeLife – Ginny has a series of 31 Days of Home Management Printables, all for your printing pleasure!
  • Life Your Way printables – birthday party planning, medical info, weekly calendar, Bible reading, car maintenance log, and SO much more
  • Lisa Whelchel – available for free in EXCEL and PDF!  chore charts, to do list, monthly menu planner, daily schedule
  • Organized Home printables – a HUGE list to select from – all FREE


Category Specific Pages

You’ll find LOADS of categories and printables in the above link lists…but just a few more to mention by topic — because you just never know!

Daily Dockets & Planning Sheets:  Contented Home has two posts with 20 choices!  Part I and Part II, here’s her own daily sheet for good measure.

Bible Reading:  Contented Home has gathered some Bible plans for you to print and here’s a post on over 20+ reading plans!

Cleaning Lists:  here’s some task cards to print (nice & handy!).  I personally use several resources – Money Saving Mom’s cleaning lists and Confident Mom’s weekly household planner is my FAVORITE for 2012!  Motivated Moms also offer a great chore planning system.  Of course, don’t forget the FlyLady!

Blogging:  Jolanthe’s FREE 60+ pages blogging planner is so pretty & functional!  I also bookmarked several more on my writing & blogging Pinterest page.

General To Do list:  need a place to simply jot down some notes?  Gricefully Homeschooling offers just that.

Weekly Planning:  for menus, for calendar, for blogging, for cleaning — here’s a one stop place for FREE printables.

Homeschool Planning:  I’m always on the lookout for free printables in this area.  Mama Jenn offers her own documents, Notebooking Nook has beautiful color or black-and-white planning printables.  And one more for all those curriculum choices to track and purchase.

Donna Young also has a w-i-d-e variety of homeschooling planning printables for every age grade, stage AND every subject — a must see!

Menu & Food:  of all sizes and varieties, check out these customizable menu planners and freezer cooking planning sheets.  Lots more in the ‘general’ links above.

Christmas, Thanksgiving:  an Advent planner for November & December, and keep up with what cookies you bake as well.  12 Days of Christmas planning looks quite helpful!

Get Organized with List Plan It

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Oh, we could go on and on, right?

Hopefully, this helps get you started (or get you moving) on organizing what’s important for YOU and your family.


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This is wonderful! Thank you!

What a wonderful resource. I can’t wait to add to my current notebook with all these wonderful link.

This is a really great set of links. I already use a home management binder system that is pretty good, and I like it because I can edit the PDF files to fit my needs 🙂 🙂 However, I always like looking at new ideas and inspiration for managing my home stuff, too 🙂 Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂


LOVE!!! Thank you!!!


Wow, thank you so much for doing all this work putting all of this in one place. I have been needing to make one of these binders for a long time now and this is just wonderful. Hope you are having a great day!

What a fabulous post, Daniele!! I am printing it out to read over and relish … thank you for the inspiration and helpful links … and thanks, too, for the link! 🙂

~ Dawn (@ By Sun and Candlelight)

Colleen P

You’ve organized the organization! I had better start reading “on the WHY” and get myself better organized. Thanks for the help!

This is such a great, detailed article! Thank you for sharing my video and linking to my free printables. 🙂


Ok, now I’m trying to figure out how quickly I can get to Staples:) The Martha Stewart stuff is beautiful!

Love this, Daniele!

Wow, this really is a fantastic post. Actually this is my idea of heaven. I’m a notebook junkie. Thanks for the amazing resources.

Wow, what a great post! Now to get back on the planning wagon.

Thanks so much for sharing my printable daily planner articles and several others, too! This post is going to be very popular on my Printable Planners board on Pinterest. 🙂


Thank you for sharing all these great free printables !!

I just found your blog through Jennifer @ListPlanIt. I too made a 40 By 40 list. I turn 40 in October and made a list of 40 things to do by the time I turn 40. Feel free to check mine out too. I still have a number of things to cross off my list, but am happy with the things I have accomplished. I am loving your post about the Ultimate Guide to Creating a Nome Management Notebook. I knew several of the blogs and follow them, but found some new ones too. Good luck with your Bucket List!
Stacie 🙂

Carol S.

Okay, this is a wonderful post! I am organizationally challenged and am always looking for help in this area. The ideas, video, and links for free printables are amazing. I’m going to dig into these ideas this week and throughout the year—great suggestions and a big help for all of us that truly do want to become organized in every part of our lives. Thanks!

Thanks for all the links!

THANK YOU for linking to my shop – what a great post on creating a home management binder!


Thanks so much for putting all of this together and sharing!

Wow! This is great! How did I miss this?!! Thanks for compiling this and thanks for including me, too!

Great list, Daniele. I’m pinning it for future resources!


Thank you soooo much for this great post, Daniele!! I’ll certainly put these idea into practice and will enjoy the difference in this 2013. Thanks for taking so much time for us and for your effort.

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Thank you sooooo much for your great post!

Audrey Thomas

Thank you! This is wonderful!

Thank you! I could take hours going through all the links and resources – and I probably will 🙂 This is just what I was looking for to get started.
Thanks again!


Great post! I just want to know where you got that turquoise binder from?!

isidro ebanks

Informative comments – I Appreciate the information – Does anyone know if my company can access a sample WA Writ of Habeas Corpus Informtion and Screening Form version to type on ?

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