3 Benefits of a Well Stocked Pantry

Welcome again to the 10 Day series – yesterday, I covered a definition of REAL FOOD, today I’m highlighting a few benefits I see in having a well stocked pantry.

We’ll cover ideas for purchasing and storing foods in future posts….and tomorrow, I’ll tell you what we have in OUR pantry.

But, here’s one thing I’d like to point out:

Grocery shopping should add to your pantry stockpile

…Not only fill your dinner plates for the next few days.

I know the word stockpile can be a little scary, especially if you’ve watched shows like Extreme Couponing.  Unless you have 25 people living under the same roof, or your last name is Duggar, there’s really not a need to fill your whole garage with food!

So, I’m definitely not encouraging this direction, though coupons, rebates, and store offers have saved me tons.

So Why a Stocked Pantry?

Your pantry is an area of your kitchen or home, or multiple areas of the house, where basic staples are kept.  It’s having on hand enough real food items for cooking, baking and for inspiring your weekly meals.

The idea is to shop to stock your pantry, and cook from what you have on hand.


1.  Save money

Shopping to fill the pantry allows you to purchase foods when they are at significant sale or rock-bottom prices, and to stock up until the next sale.

Since food usually gets marked down in rotations, buy enough or as much as you can to last until the next sale.  There’s no need to overstock!  At my best, I’m usually only shopping loss leaders, saving oodles, and using these items to build up my pantry staples. **I also have a few other shopping tricks, but will share these next week!**

Crystal from Money Saving Mom has a SUPER step-by-step article on this system, called The Buy Ahead Principle.  Bookmark it for future reference!

2.  Eliminate multiple runs to the grocery store

Which is exactly where I’m finding myself these days — so. not. good!  Several of my pantry staples, purchased months ago (but not repurchased!) are running low.  But ideally, running to the grocery store more than necessary is kept to a minimum.

3.  Save time

This is similar to the previous one.   When you shop to keep items replenished and on hand, there’s some assurance you usually have something to cook for a meal.

A well-stocked pantry gives you wiggle room for the days and weeks when illness, a busy schedule, or something else throws your routine off.

Important to Remember:

Building a reasonable stockpile for your family takes time.  It will mean each time you shop, purchasing extra of whatever items you can afford, and waiting a little to use them.

Slowly, staples fill your pantry and what your family usually eats can be made without darting to the store (except for some fresh items).

Come back tomorrow – I’m sharing what items you’ll find in our kitchen pantry!

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