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The advent season is finally in full swing over here! After a bumpy start {a.k.a. we didn’t start on time and had to catch up}, our family will continue enjoying The Glorious Coming as a daily reading. Personally, I’m appreciating this Advent devotional as it ties the Christmas story into other biblical narratives from the beginning of time. The story of Christ’s coming does start in Genesis, right? So, I’m happy we’re focusing on this perspective.

On that note, let me mention a new Bible in our home and one that I’m very pleased with. The Big Picture Story Bible has a super thumbs up from our family and is an excellent resource! It paints a picture of the Bible as one unified story focused on the fulfilment of God’s promises to his people, and the relationship between the people and their God. Though separated into some chapters, it reads like one big story. We love it! The book has mainly pictures, but is over 400 pages; my younger children begged me to keep reading :: we did almost the whole book in one sitting! This would be an excellent Advent resource as well.

I’d love to hear any ideas of thoughts of what other families are doing to focus on Christ this season!

{photo of our Jesse Tree}

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Toby Parsons

Thanks Danielle! I’ve been looking for a new Christmas book.

I’ve read out loud a variety of Christmas books each night over the years to the kids. But, my oldest is now 28, our son is 23. They of course no longer live at home. Brooke, our 17 yr. old is the only one left, and this year we haven’t read anything together, which I’ve been regretting. It is not to late though!

I have been calling my granddaughter (unlimited long distance plan is a wonderful thing) and I read “The Christmas Miracle of Jonathon Toomey” to her. We are almost finished with “One Wintry Night” by Ruth Bell Graham. In a few days we will begin, “Jotham’s Journey”. I’ll have to read more than one chapter some nights as we will be beginning that one late for Advent.