a pause to remember

In America, today is a pause for many as they remember loved ones passed on.

For others, it’s also a day characterized by picnics and celebrations – a day off from the norm.  So, we pause here too from the 52 ways series.  I have no family members to commemorate, so today I pause instead to remember those who often come to mind…

…and while listing them here doesn’t make for the cheeriest of posts, I felt the need for remembering.  For praying.

for the community of Sandy Hook Elementary School

for a friend’s sudden loss of her grandson to a drunk driver

and for Bostonians.

for small town Texans who rebuild life

for Hurricane Sandy communities still recovering

for the community of Moore, Oklahoma.

Not only our nation, for there are scores of communities, nations, mothers, fathers, families affected worldwide by disease, illness, natural disasters, war, terror and unfair treatment.

I cannot know them all, I cannot fathom it all.

But I can pause to pray to the One who sees all, and I can ask for mercy…

for an abundance of immeasurable grace, for comfort beyond measure, for helping hands and willing hearts to minister His love.  I am not paralyzed…I can pray.

Join me?


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