a call to quiet

in the last week or so, I’ve sensed a need to still myself before the Lord to hear :: to hear more of Him.

nothing is wrong, life is moving along well and we are blessed with good times and good health.

and still, I hear Him calling me

…asking me to release as much as possible some of the ‘noise’ (even the good of life can be too loud when listening for the Savior’s voice).  So, I am quieting activities that can pause for a moment, preparing the home for my short absences in the next week and scheduling a few pockets of time to steal away.


To hear the One and Only, the lover of my soul,

this Jesus who means so very much to me.

{so I pause in this space for a short break, perhaps a week? maybe more, to still myself. 

Be well friends, and I’ll return soon}


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Praying your 'quiet call' is refreshing!
Often we let the noise drown out His voice~
But, it is crucial we listen 🙂


Enjoy the stillness and the blessing that comes from listening

tea time and roses

Enjoy your quiet time dear friend.