52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: simple systems (week #10)

How are you doing at counting the cost for goals ahead of you?

These ‘no’ responses do not need to be earth-shattering or huge leaps.  Think simple changes, small steps.

While I enjoy time in the kitchen, this month I’m saying no to leafing through cookbooks (or Pinterest!) for fresh recipes or inspiration.  As I embrace more fullness, a ‘no for now’ is one of my small choices for keeping the calm in life.

See?  Try small changes…

Week #10 Establish simple systems.  This one area has saved me major brain energy:  streamlining routine activities of managing our home.

You know — the laundry, the bills, the paper trail, cleaning the house.

There are a number of tasks we do every day or on a regular basis.  When we figure out our best way of doing each, with the least amount of thinking, everything goes so much smoother.

Lest you imagine a scene of turning off your brain to run your home, let me explain!

Say we’re talking about laundry.

  • where are dirty clothes kept?
  • who collects them to wash?
  • will you wash every day, a certain day or just whenever?
  • the detergent & other stuff – do you purchase when you notice it’s running out or on a regular pattern?
  • etc…

The questions may seem over-the-top, but in actuality…we DO have a way of accomplishing each one, intentionally or not!  When we give a little thought to the how of repeated tasks, and routinely do it this way, it’s like brushing your teeth.

You don’t think much about it, you just do it.

All of my systems do not ever run perfectly on a regular basis — but, there is a plan! And this helps tremendously in getting back on track.

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Action Plan:  simple systems are great when they’re up and running, but it’s not always easy to set up.  There’s lots of trial and error, and just when you have it down, it might need to be changed!  Take it slowly — choose an area which causes you the most stress, and begin in baby steps.

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You’ve shared wisdom today – thank you! After a time of crazy life here, we are working our way back to simple, tried and true routine and systems. It really does help put the serenity back into our days.

Such a great reminder Daniele. It has taken me so long to figure this out, that when I have a system or routine in place for something it goes smoothly.

I still don’t have all the systems in place that I need, but there is light at the end of the tunnel!

I think I’ll make a list today of areas that need work. Thank you for your encouragement.


Thanks for sharing your wisdom today! I like your statement: “You don’t think much about it, you just do it.” Very inspiring! Seize the day.. and stay blessed.. 🙂