52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: limit media, increase creativity (week 12 & 13)

Welcome back to our 52 Ways for More Serenity series – and it’s already a new month!

Let’s review posts from March and since there was a break last week, today I’ll share two encouragements that I believe go hand-in hand.

week #9 : count the cost

week #10 : establish simple systems

week #11 : practice solitude

With each week comes the opportunity to go about our lives – our often very full lives – with more calm.  Little by little, intentionally focus on making changes – don’t give in or give up!

week #12  Limit media intake.

While I’m not suggesting everyone needs to throw out the TV or dump all their social media outlets, I am offering an out for those stressed by the opportunities.

Say NO, at least in intervals.  We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts — or follow others.  Online journals, blogs, Linked-In, Google+ and access through it all via our smartphones.

The options for TV viewing are excessively abundant.  My new-to-me van has more XM radio stations than I have time to listen to {though I’ve found the 80’s station intriguing! :)}

Honestly, I think we need a break in regular patterns.  I encourage you not to allow media to dominate life, not to use it in place of true face-to-face relationships.

While it’s helpful and sometimes necessary — we need to be in control of it, and not the other way around.

And yes, life will be much more calm.  Our minds won’t be bombarded with info-overload and we can be with our own thoughts for a time.

: :

Action Plan:  Establish boundaries for media intake – when to turn off your phone, the computer, the TV, etc.  Fast for an extended time if possible (this could be just a day or two).  Take notice of how you respond during this break, it will give clues to how this all affects you.

More to Read:  The Impact of Television (this is an infographic geared towards children’s minds, but I think has application for us all)

week #13  Practice creative expression.

So here’s my real reason for encouraging you to limit media consumption! 🙂

I’m a firm believer that we are all – every one of us – creative in some way, some fashion, even if we haven’t figured it out yet.

Humanity is made in the image of an artistic, creative, genius Godit makes complete sense we have this bent in us as well.  To be human is to be creative.

If you were to observe children from anywhere around the globe, we find this creative expression at work.

No one has to teach them, help them, show them how to create — they just do.  Years in early childhood classrooms made me aware just how strong this trait is within each person.

Along the way though, we become ‘adults’ {sometimes long before actual adulthood}.  We stop toying around with new ideas, playing or tinkering, and shut it all down.  We say we don’t have time.

Instead we choose to watch or read about others living their lives (via all that media) and wistfully dream of another time, another place…when one day….


I encourage you today – express your creativity:

  • try a new _________ (recipe, book, music to listen to, etc.)
  • revisit an old love from before – an instrument, a passion, an idea?
  • invest time & energy into thinking what you’d enjoy ‘playing’ at in this season of life
  • try to integrate creativity into what you already do
  • gather with those who are like-minded; attend book club, take a lesson, join a class, go to a concert — take a peek at the community section of your paper or rec center’s ads!
  • make a bucket list – things you’d like to do this summer, maybe this year, or in your lifetime.  Pick one, and start
  • and there are dozens more ideas….

I am passionate about this principle – it’s one reason we craft abundant room for this in our daily routine and homeschool our children.  To give room, to give time.  To be at peace with who we were created to be.

: :

Action Plan:  Make a quick list – 1 to 3 things possible to try right now, not in a month or two!  Choose an easy way to visit this idea of creativity and choose something to try this week.

More to Read:  Creativity: Crafting Beautiful Things


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