52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: end well (week #52)

Week #52  End well

This isn’t exact science, but I have noticed something…

People don’t always remember the beginning of your story, but will almost always remember the end of it.  Somehow, what others did or didn’t do in closure gets branded as our memories of them.

And honestly, how we end chapters of our lives is often within our control.

I thought it fitting on this final post of the 52 Ways to More Serenity series to encourage you to do just this — as much as possible….

end well.

Before we shift seasons, release friendships, change direction, or walk away from a position, we must absolutely count the cost and discern whether or not it’s really time.

But when the time does come….do the hard work of ending well.  

There’s simply increased peace this way.

Your decision may or may not make others happy (and that’s certainly okay), and yes, the beginning and middle of your journey may slip into the background (hopefully not, especially if it was good!).  But end well anyway.

I often marvel how Jesus carried on here an additional 40 days after his resurrection.  Really?   The God-man surely desired to be home, and had already fulfilled his primary mission.

Yet, he stayed on.

Doing things like appearing to his followers, further preparing his disciples, and leaving no doubt to the reality of his resurrection.  In the final chapter of his story on earth, Christ concerned himself with the interests of others, and not simply moving on to the next step.

Jesus ended incredibly well.

By grace, we can do the same…..

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* Thank you friends — thank you — for joining me on this year-long series!  Your dozens and dozens of emails have tremendously encouraged me, and definitely kept me writing. 🙂  I’m looking forward to what’s next for 2014 — that post is coming soon!*


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Lovely post! I missed this series last year, but look forward to reading what you have coming in the new year. 😉

Thanks so much Adrienne! 🙂