52 Ways for More Serenity in Life and Home :: community needs (week #7)

Last week we shared around gracious responses – for we can easily stir up anger (and therefore upset the peace) with harsh tones and words.

I haven’t perfected this by any means; when I’m stressed or in a hurry (ahem)…especially then, I must ask God for help.  The little ones (or big ones) in my life need my gentle answer and encouragement.

Let’s move to this week’s focus….

Week #7  Build circles of community.  I’m definitely not an expert on relationships, but I’ve observed many and experienced a few.  Somewhere along the line, I believe we can be tempted to fall into two danger zones

being a lone ranger

being overly dependent on relationships

We are created to be interdependent instead.  Designed to stand on our own and also to join with others in their journeys and invite them into ours.

It takes work, this building of community.  An investment of time, energy and a giving away of our hearts.  Often, this can be the tough part, true?  Especially if we’ve been hurt.  But still, we have this need for relationship.

While I’m not suggesting going out in one week to collect all the friends you’ll ever need…I do want to encourage we honor this on-purpose design of our humanity.  We’re not islands – we’re people with a healthy need for other people.

Good friends are a great support in living this peace-filled life.  They are there to celebrate, to laugh, to cry, to whatever! with us – and we for them.  When we do life all independent-like, deep down, I’m not sure we’re really at peace with ourselves.  It’s simply a lonely place to be.

Friends in our lives do make a difference.  We need circles of community.

Action Plan:  Evaluate for a moment – do you have close friends to travel this life with you?  If so, acknowledge one of them this week with a thank you note, text or email — somehow communicate your appreciation!

If not, is there a reason why?  If you find yourself on the run, stop and pray.  Ask God to give you desire for these friendships and to help you overcome any hurdles. I’m praying for you….

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