2012 pursue :: a mothering manifesto

In no particular order, as words come and flow into this space,

I want to write some initial reflections on this word; the focal point of 2012.

I am open to how God desires to define this word PURSUE.  Last year, I ran ahead of Him (silly me!) — thrilled and excited by what He was speaking and doing, I ran with the understanding in my head, in my heart.  God patiently waited for me to slow down, calm down and to hear Him.

Ahem. Note to self :: do not repeat if possible.

This year, I’m spending more time in prayer than planning.  In listening than lists.  In asking than assignments and tasks.  Prayerfully, I’ll start off right and keep in step.

So, last week (or this week? they all seem to run together) — in quiet pause, words came to me.

So, I’ll write a manifesto here and there — maybe all at once within days or spread over weeks, we’ll see.  Today — a mothering manifesto, words of intention and commitment.

Mothering is not just what I do, it’s who I was truly created to be.  In this role, I flourish :: and there’s no embarrassment in saying that.  This does not mean the task is easy or that I have no other interests, yet here in this home with these children, I find room for my gifts to develop…for me to be me.

I am full and at peace with this season of life as crazy and exhausting as it becomes some days.

And I am well aware that my time with them is limited.


So, in 2012in this year of pursue, I intended to:

give my children the better parts of me and my time, not the leftovers

create for them a peaceful home, with rhythm to their days

teach them diligently and love them lavishly — very lavishly

show them JESUS :: all through our days

tell them of this God who calms their fears, carries their hearts and loves them extravegently

aim for big expectations and deep grace

invest in understanding our children’s gifts and personalities

speak LIFE and not death to their spirits

and create incredible memories along the way!

Continue to find fulfillment, joy, and meaning in this role of MOTHER.

Oh, yes — and let them FLY.



{pictures from our time dyeing play silks; these are turning out to be a very fun ‘toy’ around here!}


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