when you’re two…

When you’re two…

it’s a little hard to wait for your birthday.  Especially when other family members are celebrating theirs.

you’re confused somewhat at two.

But that doesn’t really matter.

Because everyday is your birthday. Everyday since Mama has been training you to hold up not just one, but two of those chubby little fingers.

And you giggle at her attempts, deciding on that your own version is far better than hers anyway.

She agrees.

Then you practice blowing out candles,

insist on joyous rounds of ‘happy birthday’ to be sung in your honor

(thankfully, siblings comply when Mama is tired of the song),

and generally celebrate your own birthday.

Every. Day.

But, guess what little one?

Today is your birthday.  Yes, it’s true!

And we will sing joyously and loudly (just the way you like it).

And we’ll blow out as many candles as we have (because two is just not enough, mama!)

Basically, we’ll make a big fuss,

celebrate your way,

….reminisce and remember with tenderness the day you came into our lives.

Happy Birthday Jeremiah!



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