this girl…

DSC_0029{she only wishes the phone belonged to her!}

….today is TWELVE.

And yes, I reluctantly release her into the next year of her life :: praising God for the wonderful & exciting years we’ve enjoyed so far. 


I simply can’t believe it.  The pregnancy with her was my hardest, uncontrolled sickness that landed me in the hospital several occasions and caused an 18 pound weight loss in just under ten weeks.  Doctors knew little and I suffered much; my girl and I joke today about how maybe this crazy pregnancy was a ‘heads up’ for days to come?  Just a joke.

She is witty, intelligent, and motivated.  I appreciate her serious and yet tenderhearted nature.  She has a passion to learn, to DO, and to BE; being a wife & mother and ‘having my own house’ are part of her talk of the future—I’m sure it may all come together much as she is planning it! :) 

We love her dearly and celebrate once again with joy her arrival into our lives. 

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!


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Happy Birthday sweet girl. May this be your best year yet.


12?! that's crazy talk! happy birthday!


Happy Belated birthday to your sweet girl, who looks just like her mama! 🙂