the way home

We ride together in the darkness, returning after a time of dancer’s muscles being stretched, ballet lessons, my girl and I.

This was a looming darkness, not as friendly as other nights and shadows played with our sight, creating images not truly there, but believable. We turned up the music and sang to hopefully deafen the rising fear in her heart, when suddenly light flashes, no crackling of thunder, but the illumination of the heavens with electrical charges is clearly observed by the both of us.

She gasps and cringes in the back seat. I offer words of encouragement and continue singing, hoping to distract and deter the fear.

“Is there a storm coming, Mom?” I hear the muffled question rising quietly above the music.

“Seems that way sweetheart.”

“Are we headed towards it?” The voice is a bit more fearful and I quiet the music altogether.
“I think so, not sure.”

“But Mom, why are we going towards the storm?” A question asked in earnest as it pierces my soul. My quick reply astonishes me even more as I comprehend the words:

“Because honey, this is the way home.”

Oh Lord, do I hear the words? Am I understanding? Do I see the application for this servant’s life?

Sometimes, sometimes, the way home is through the storm. There are no shortcuts, no other roads to take and the option of retreating or returning is not a possibility. Or will offer disappointing results.

How often do I remember that you warned of lightening and storms, of times of darkness? My life, this life though only a vapor, plays a part. I am at times overwhelmed by the news of darkness and shadows all around, of trials and concerns that seem unnecessary, of those who suffer needlessly.

And I too, in my own personal storms as well, want to retreat and remove myself from the picture evolving before me. To find a shortcut around the storm, to take a different road.

But Lord, you often ordain that through the storm is the way home. At times you do not circumvent our pain or remove the searing heat of our difficulties though we cry out in earnest.

But You are always working to get us home. Home to Spirit-controlled living :: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Home to a new character and a greater understanding that while we are weak {yes, we are}, YOU are so very strong. The darkness is not punishment, but the perfecting of mind and spirit :: not a cruel joke or judgement at all, albeit a turbulence allowed by a just and loving God.

And though the lightening dances and the storms rage, arriving home will birth rewards that far outweigh the storm.

Oh Lord, I’ve experienced this darkness and deliverance cycle several times and yet I often doubt my safe arrival. Help my unbelief…

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Wow… Child, I am truly amazed and touched by this work. It is an encouragement to me. Love you sis!


Ann@His Grace To Me

Amen, amen!


Wow! This is such a good word!


I have come to visit you from Ann’s blog. This post is especially meaningful to me. Beautifully written and so insightful. It blesses and encourages my heart. Thank you.

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