the practice of {taking time}

In an effort to slow myself,

to take pleasure in a craft I truly enjoy,

handwritten notes have become a preferred way of communication when thinking of others.

Oh, email is still a favorite.  Really, our way of doing life would suffer without the ease of sending a quick note or the ability to ‘talk’ with several people at once, sharing news widely.  Yes, email is a time-saver and fits the bill.

Yet the practice of pen and paper, thoughtful words written and sent is…well, it’s just appealing.

And it takes time.

Time to think since there isn’t a backspace key, time to shape letters and words with accurate penmanship, time to consider the person in mind and to offer words of life,

of meaning,

of encouragement.

Of course other avenues offer ways to accomplish these goals, this is simply one expression I take delight in most.  Letter writing is at present a doorway to remembering a need for taking time.  This practice of slowing down, of pausing to give attention.

Hustle-bustle living, multi-tasking and rushing — oh, don’t we need a pause?

To move slowly or least slower.  To stop counting the hours passing by and to intentionally make the hours count.  To prioritize the important instead of the urgent.  To live without ongoing regret of wasted moments.

It’s the practice of taking time.

The art of applying ourselves to living and giving our best in the most valuable of areas :: the ones where our involvement is critically important.  Overwhelmingly significant.

For time will continue its dance…

fleeting, floating, freely slipping away as it does.  It’s no respecter of persons and gives heed to its own voice.

We must ask and direct it on our own terms.  Seeking to live wisely and carefully according to God-breathed priorities and passions, giving glory not unto ourselves, but to the One who ultimately wills time to listen.

We must actively practice {taking time}.

“Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity…” (Ephesians 5:15-16)


{photos:  a simple way of keeping and organizing this handwriting adventure}



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