the living of family

Through the years I’ve learned…that family time comes in the living of life.

I used to fret and be concerned about the time we spent together :: if it was enough, wondering about meaningful activities, if our children felt in step or out-of-sync with the rhythm of our lives.

I’d read a book, hear a comment and thoughts would pass through mind and heart about the nature of our time with one another.

Somewhere along the way, I began to dismiss those concerns.

It made little sense allowing another person’s evaluation to raise questions or for the way another family invested time to be our standard.  What was God saying to us?  How could we best enjoy one another within our schedules?

These questions led to real answers, not ones based on copycat versions or fear-based thinking.

We were able to hear Him more clearly and receive simple direction.

Live life — together.

Laugh, play

work and worship,

share, learn and grow — together.

And so we do.

And when the tug for one-on-one time with a child is needful, we pull them away for a bit. They travel with us from around the corner grocery store runs with Mom, to around the nation with Daddy on a business trip.

Oh yes, there are extras for birthdays and the like (what fun would it be without them!?).  Yet, we hope to impart a family style that holds special meaning in the ordinary moments, the everyday.  Dinner around the table can be done with a little extra flair, a run to the hardware store could lead to a heart-to-heart conversation…

the living of family as each day goes by.

For us, this has worked well.

I encourage you today,

to find significance in your family’s style of living.  Within your means, within your schedules and responsibilities.  Within what you already have — what is God saying to you?

And celebrate! the living of your family life.



{photos from our alfresco style meal enjoyed after husking, blanching, cutting and freezing 10 dozen ears of corn.  many hands make light work, yes?  it went rather quickly.}



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