the homeschool mother’s journal 5.10.13

Joining in with iHomeschool Network today:

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In my life this week… a little quieter, both here on the blog and at home as well.  I like that.

In our homeschool… tis the season of endings!  The children are melancholy about goodbyes to classes, choirs, and the weekly rhythm of these events.  Their mother?  Somewhat thrilled! 🙂

The last 2-3 weeks have brought several concert choir performances of Handel’s Messiah, a powerful Scripture recitation event, Charlie Brown musical performances, the closing of sewing classes, language classes and co-op classes as well.

We’re happy to support our children’s gifts, and while we still have some soccer games upcoming, I’m happy too for a break (so are the kids really).

Ahhh…summer.  We’re ready for you.

Helpful homeschool tip to share… if you hope to homeschool your children next year, it would be helpful to begin planning now.  Ahem.  For the first time in years, I’ve barely scratched the surface of ordering next year’s curriculum or even thinking much about it!  Usually by this time, it’s almost done.

Oh well, all in good time!

I’m being inspired by… a Charlotte Mason seminar attended last weekend.  Rich, deep and thoughtful.  Mixed in with some notes I’m reviewing from reading through The Well-Trained Mind.  We continue to find a mix of both styles and philosophies work best for our family.

My favorite thing this week was… notes in my inbox from all over the world!  So many of you appreciating and enjoying simple words I scratched out a year ago or words in this space.  A shout out to South Africa, the UK, Indonesia, Canada and all around the good ole USA!  Thank you friends, thank you…

Things I’m working on… seriously decluttering as I’m able (still resting much these days).  Participating in Crystal’s ‘get rid of 7 things a day’ challenge and finding it a great goal.  Though we box up at least 10-15 items daily.

I’m reading…  a library trip this week, so lots of books:  The Kitchen House, Healing Foods (pretty sure I should just own this one), 100 Diagrams that Changed the World (it’s interesting!) and Wave.

The last book is one women’s survival of the 2004 tsunami that took her whole family (um yes, just a bit of light reading, eh?).  All prompted by my husband and I watching the movie The Impossible – an entire family’s miraculous, but especially heart-gripping, survival story.

He thought it would be great for our in-home date night!

Hmmm….no comment at this time. 🙂  

I’m grateful for… time to rest, which is what I’m sharing about over at The Better Mom today.  I hope you take time for pause this weekend – for respite and refueling.

A blessed Mother’s Day to all,

give yourself the gift of rest.

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And friends, that’s it…

Grace to your weekend.

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