the homeschool mother’s journal 2.22.13

Joining in with iHomeschool Network today:

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In my life this week… I enjoyed a full 24+ hours home alone (insert a little happy shriek here!) as Daddy took the kiddos away for an overnight adventure.  This annual MLK or President’s day trip has been a great time for all.  A short break from schooling, plenty of memory-making moments, and rest for Mom.  A HUGE thank you to my husband!

In our homeschool… I told the kiddos this was evaluation week!  Then, I had to explain to the 1st grader what an evaluation was. 🙂  Time to map out what we’ll finish by mid-May before our break.  This was slow going and I think I’ll need next week to accomplish it all.

I’m reminding my Type-A personality that #1 – we’re homeschoolers and have freedom to ‘finish’ when we need; and #2 – to focus primarily on finishing the basics well (reading, writing & arithmetic!).

We enjoyed some great biographies for 1st & 4th grade:  The Story of William Penn,  Touch the Sky: Alice Coachman, Olympic High Jumper, and Saint Valentine.

Helpful homeschool tip to share… thought of this when reading those books to the kids — don’t neglect picture books as kids get older!  There are such rich picture books which contain great historical and biographical information for young minds.

I’m being inspired by… the book Authentic Simplicity: Discovering the Unhurried Rhythms of Grace.  It’s not a fast read as I first thought.  Deep, but not overwhelmingly so.  Just a unique approach and thought towards the idea of simplicity.  I’m loving this so far.

My favorite thing this week was… starting a teaching series at church!  I’ve been celebrating all week just how well our first night of focusing on biblical mentoring went.  After a couple years break from leading studies, it’s exciting to engage in this way again.  We have 3 more weeks to go.

Things I’m working on… this simple project above, freezer cooking like crazy to prepare for days ahead, starting to think on our March calendar and prepping the file folders as well.  I still haven’t watched Downton’s finale, so this is a must do soon.  Via social media I’ve already heard the jist of what happens.  That’s okay…I probably needed the prep!

I’m reading…  Vinegar Boy is being read aloud to the kids for the Lenten season.

I’m grateful for… a God bigger than our circumstances.  I’m praying for several areas in a few relationships, and really it can almost feel like perpetual stormy weather.  So, I place my often weak hope in Someone bigger than me.  Thank you Lord for grace enough…

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And friends, that’s it…

Grace to your weekend.


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Hey Daniele! WOW! 24 hours of solitude – that’s awesome! What a gift. 🙂 I hope they have the Authentic Simplicity book at the library. Sounds like a great read – especially for me!
Hugs to you!! Have a super weekend.

What a fun treat for your kids and for you. They got a 24 hour adventure with DAD and you had some solitude which as we all know is a RARE treat!

We’ve loved all of those picture books. My boys were especially taken with the Alice Coachman book. I think we must have read it at least 10 times last summer.

You haven’t watched the Downton finale yet?!?! Wow, you are a patient lady! I’d love to hear more about the Biblical mentoring. Have a wonderful weekend Daniel!

I just started reading Impact My Life. I’ve always had a heart for mentoring, since I got saved, and have been involved in various ways throughout the years. The book looks like it will be great! I’m glad you had a little break this past week. 🙂

How great that you got an over night to yourself! 🙂 That is so cool. I hope you have a wonderful week.