the homeschool mother’s journal 1.04.13

Joining in with iHomeschool Network today:

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In my life this week… we welcomed the new year quietly (as in, I went to bed!) and accomplished a bit more decluttering.  I’m ‘creating empty’ as my friend Jenny would say, slowly making room.

In our homeschool… we re-entered our routine this week by examining how everything flows and making changes.  New responsibilities & chores for everyone as a start.  There was a bit of groaning as we cracked open our books again…I understand!  But, it’s time.

The high schooler and I are reviewing the finer points of essay writing to sure up her skills.  I’m very much an intuitive type of writer in this area; my girl desired more concrete instruction, a little more step-by-step.  We’re both pleased with our new books.

Helpful homeschool tip to share… consider a mid-year review in the next month or two!  What has worked well, what didn’t?  Any new curriculum thoughts for next year — more or less of anything?

I’m being inspired by… Project-Based Homeschooling – what a neat little book!  I do not agree with all points (do I ever?), but along with other reading, there’s definitely a challenge to consider our homeschooling approaches.

Quite honestly, the Lord has been working me over! — showing me unique giftings of each child and so requiring variety.  A primary reason for homeschooling is freedom to shift, make changes mid-stream as needed.  We’re finding this necessary.  Hmmm… maybe more on this another time.

My favorite thing this week was… the girls (14 and almost 10) presenting us with a family piano recital of all of their Christmas music.  The boys jumped in as well of course.  Many compliments and feedback, and naturally, many laughs.  Way to go girls!

Things I’m working on… meal plans!  My husband is mostly following the Daniel Fast for a time and also we’re moving towards more gluten-free cooking.  As far as I can tell, there aren’t food intolerances, but I’m wondering if it will help me in ways.

I’ve just been feeling blah in the energy department, and figured an elimination diet should give clues.  Hopefully.

I’m reading… the books mentioned above and also Nourishing Meals.  I looove this cookbook, which is so much more than recipes!  Helpful tips, lots of nutrition information, articles on healthy living for the family and more.  Love it.  I think it’s my new favorite.

I’ve also checked out of the library A Good and Perfect Gift (one mother’s journey with her Down’s Syndrome babe) and Hannah Coulter (a farm woman’s life) — both recommend by a friend.

I’m grateful for… clarity.  I see God defining areas of life personally, for us as a couple and as a family.  I am incredibly grateful for clarity and vision He alone provides.  Oh, to trust Him!

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And friends, that’s it…

Grace to your weekend.


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I very much enjoyed this window into your world…and will think of you as I continue the de-cluttering going on in our home as well 🙂
It feels so good to sort through things and as you wrote…make space (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) for Him to fill with His plans for this next year.
Hannah Coulter is a beautiful story…I hope to read more Wendell Berry this year.

So glad I’ve found your blog at this point in my life. I’m seriously considering homeschooling my son (7) and daughter (6), but with a newborn I’m wondering if I’d be in over my head. So much good information here, I found this just when I needed it! And I’m enjoying it so much. What a beautiful family you have Daniele!

Thank you Lisa! Come back anytime, and feel free to ask questions…

Peace in the journey of decision-making. Homeschooling is altogether possible, even with a babe in tow. 🙂