The Homeschool eBook Omnibus – HUGE Stockpile of Helps & Resources

Because August is THE month of homeschool prepping, planning and beginnings — I’ve focused on offering plans and resources to help your year.  Today, one more?  


Homeschool eBook Omnibus Sale


Omnibus:†a book containing reprints of a number of works

French, from Latin, for all, dative plural of omnis, a combining form meaning “all,” used in the formation of compound. First known use: 1829


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What is the Homeschool eBook Omnibus?

A digital stockpile of books to carry you through the school year with encouragement and practical how tos.

There are 53 eBooks in the collection, valued at over $350. The authors want to bless you by offering the entire collection for only $25. That is less than 50-cents per eBook.

How long will this sale last, exactly?

The sale will begin at 12:01am ET on Tuesday, August 21st and end at midnight on Saturday, August 25th.

What eBooks will I receive?

Why are you selling this collection so cheap?

The authors are all homeschool moms like you who have just bought a multitude of school supplies and curriculum for the new academic year. They know that money can be tight at this time of the year. That’s why each of the authors wants to give back to the homeschool community with this ridiculously discounted eBook Omnibus.

Is there any other information I need to know before purchasing?

Yes, the download links for the eBooks will be valid for only 2 weeks. You must be sure to download all files before September 8th. Please remember to back up your files as well. iHN and the authors cannot send you copies of eBooks that have been deleted.

Each of the eBooks in the Omnibus is copyrighted by the original author. Your purchase does not entitle you to share the files or upload them anywhere online where others can access them.


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I saw this a year TOO LATE! Any chance you’ll offer something like this again this year?
Pretty Please!