the future of our journeys

{just one more Relevant reflection and a challenge for us all?}

And so I sit next to her at dinner, enthusiastic for this window of possibility, eager to connect.  Maybe a little too eager, but I didn’t show it.

I mean, she is a published author and all, widely known in circles of Christian writers.  Speaks conferences and the like.

So I take my place. She’s scheduling and rescheduling flights, snow delaying returning home; we don’t talk much at first.  I wonder what to say, admitting to self I’m slightly intimidated.  Ever feel like you might just mess up a great opportunity?

Conversation begins and customary exchanges of what we write of, where we each live, tidbits of information is shared.  Salad’s served and eaten :: we both like bread and comment so.

Over dinner, now labeled a divine appointment, she encourages.  Hears my tale of writing journeys and a desire to impart words of life that might equip or encourage — of this persistent call to craft and create with words.  I sputter out potential vision and ideas, glimpses of the 10 years+ worth of notes, teachings, stories, random journaling computer-stored and filed.

She listens.

And in one sentence, I am stopped.  One phrase shakes the heart.

“You are simply sitting on a goldmine…”

Words spoken in humanity with whispers of divinity…

Though dinner continues and conversation shifts, I’m sit semi-dazed as laughter rises and voices chatter on.  His Spirit speaks to this trembling heart. The ‘goldmine’ is not simply a storehouse of words and teachings, though this was being referred to…

…the goldmine is all God has done to bring me to this place :: where I am today, where I’ll be tomorrow and the many tomorrows after — as long as He grants.  He’s been working out my future all along the way. So simple, yet so deep.

Exceptional experiences, painful events.  Affirming words, wounding comments.  Childhood, adulthood.  Marriage, ministry and motherhood.

All has shaped this woman who penned words over years and wonders what to do with them.  All of it a part of my today, and the journey into the future.  Nothing is wasted in God’s economy.

Yes, it truly is a goldmine.

I am not alone.

You tooyes you...are sitting on great worth.  For each of your experiences, however delightful or hurtful, have potential in the Potter’s hands.  He shapes all for His glory when we allow, weaving hope into our future. You may not write, but there is a story for you to tell, a part for you to play.

Have you asked Him what it is?  Embraced what He has offered?

Yes, dear friend….it’s true.

There is a future for your journey.



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