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grace gifts

{in an effort to be more intentional & continuous in being grateful, noticing grace all around, I list the gifts without numbering…for they are endless} gratitude for :: Sunday sermon reminder to praise Him from whom all blessings flow my sister, my spouse~their assistance in moving the children’s rooms around family reunion, food, fellowship thoughtful […]


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in the midst

In the middle of everything {I’ll just let that word cover all from minor to major stuff}, I try to always be aware of the everyday, the common things to be grateful for.  Instead of listing out my own gifts today, I encourage the community of readers here to consider starting their own gratitude list.  […]

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right now

Oh, life is full right now!  Full of goodness, full of randomness (is that a word?) and a tinge of heaviness, though overall much is good.  Ever have a season like that?  I have found that when the pendulum swings a little too far off and I feel a bit out of balance or the […]

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morning basket

Children scurry, moving quickly through morning responsibilities :: brush teeth, get dressed, make beds and such. We all prepare our bodies, minds, and yes our hearts for the event ahead. It’s ‘morning basket time’ as the little ones in our home are now fond of calling this daily devotional portion of our day. The oldest […]

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On this day, a gift that hasn’t been fully opened or experienced just yet, let me see You. Quicken all of my senses so that I will not miss what You want me to hear, to see, to touch.  TO BE. May I not be distracted by anything that would cast a shadow on Your […]

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birthday fullness

Another revolution around the sun!–the phrase I enjoy teasing my children with on their birthdays. It’s my birthday today and I have such a sense of being full. Up to the brim and running over a bit. The kind that spills into the various crevices of life and makes you want to laugh and cry […]

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