right now

this morning I am..

:: waking up slowly.  I stayed up much too late last night

:: hugging my almost 6-yr old boy, cuddled up next to Mama

:: anticipating savoring several cups of tea this morning; I’ve missed the last few days!

:: wondering how much freezer cooking will actually be accomplished today

:: praying for several needs, requests of broken hearts

:: believing that God hears

:: reading this book, quite thought-provoking

:: enjoying many other books as well!  see the sidebar for current ones

:: missing my spouse, who is away

:: hoping the rainy weather will hold off today for a quick walk outdoors

:: feeling grateful and so very humbled by the response to my last post

:: wondering at the complexity and yet ease of social media – how we can share posts, news and ideas through so many venues in so little time {thank you for the emails, tweets and facebook ‘likes’ and postings! you are so gracious…}

:: thinking it can all be a good thing. yes… yes, it can

:: planning to share with the children the meaning of ‘covenant’ – discussion from time around our catechism questions

:: appreciating having found said questions set to music!  Oh my, how much more interesting!

:: loving their childlike thoughts to such big theology

:: willing the toddler to nap l-o-n-g today (so freezer cooking can happen)

:: making room in the day’s plans for the girls to use our new sewing machine! (while the toddler naps, while Mama cooks)

:: realizing this plan may just be too synchronized to actually work. Sigh.  We’ll see.

Considering the ways God works.  How He intricately weaves experiences of our life together — to create all He had in mind from the beginning.  My heart and mind is often boggled (yes, boggled!) by this thought.

How He does this for me time and time again.  For you too.

Celebrating the goodness of this God!


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