10 of our favorite preschool winter books

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We’re all BIG readers here, and I can’t believe there is only one kiddo left who needs to learn just how all those letters and sounds turn into words he can read.

Soon enough…and I’m not really rushing it.  Until then, we’re all happy to read to him.

There’s a huge list of seasonal books we enjoy, but I wanted to highlight a few winter ones particular for preschool — AND, some activities to go-along!


Preschool Winter Books & Activities

1.  Katy and the Big Snow:  my Five in a Row Pinterest board offers plenty of preschool learning for this book.

2.  Snowflake Bentley:  we were introduced to this delightful book years ago, and it’s still a favorite for learning about snowflake designs.  Find oodles of snow-themed sensory bin ideas at Living Montessori.  Watch and listen to a reading of the book, or have your little one make a simple snowflake out of marshmallows and toothpicks!

3.  Owl Moon:  such a sweet book, and definitely read often through the years.  Check out our entire unit study on the moon.

4.  Frog in Winter:  a new one to our list, and great for preschoolers.

5.  Warm as Wool:  up next in my boys’ literature learning, this book offers some history, and opportunity for plenty of hands-on learning.  I’ve collected ideas on my Pinterest page of course!

6. and 7.  Sugar Snow and Winter on the Farm are really excerpts from the Little House books, and you just can’t go wrong with these.

8.  Maple Syrup Season:  years ago we did a study on Canada, which led to a fun unit on maple syrupyum.  Each winter I highlight maple syrup season; gives us hope that yes, spring will come.

9.  Animals in Winter:  right now my husband is doing a study with the younger kids on animals in winter, hibernation, survival, and more.  This is just one of the may we own on animals and wintertime.

10.  The Mitten:  a staple and favorite for sure!  My youngest still plays with the animal masks I printed a few years ago, acting out scenes from the story.  A delightful, fun read.

:  :

And I could go on..and on!

Any of your favorites found here?


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Lovely list! I have such fond memories of many of those books (though there are a few that are new to me!). We love reading here as well and have many lists of favorite books. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


You named so many favorites. 🙂 I’m excited to steal some ideas from your Pinterest boards for my little guys!

We also would have to add “The Snowy Day” to our list of winter favorites. If I remember right, you had some fun ideas for that one too.

Oh yes, Brittany – we really like ‘The Snowy Day’ too! So much great literature out there. 🙂 I’m fairly sure my FIAR Pinterest board has activity ideas for this book. Thanks for commenting…

Hi Daniele!
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I love your blog and your mission.
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Blessings 🙂


Thank you SO much for this list and the ideas with it. I really appreciate it!

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