Introducing What’s In the Bible? Videos :: review {Vol. 6} and giveaway!

From the creator of the Veggie Tales series comes a NEW set of videos that not only held the attention of our 6-yr old and 9-yr old, but our 13-yr old found herself watching {and learning!} as well.

I was intrigued by What’s in the Bible? since these videos aim to enhance biblical literacy :: helping children to know and to understand the BIG story of the Bible, from start to finish.

Wow, that’s a huge claim!

Thoughts BEFORE watching What’s in the Bible?

We’re not big video or TV watchers, but our children have enjoyed Veggie Tales off and on in the past.  I figured giving this series a chance would be fun and informational, since I had several questions before viewing:

Hmm…just how would biblical history be presented?

Would the information be ‘dumbed down’?

Would we come away wanting to know more?

Besides, our kiddos could definitely use a nudge towards learning further.  I hoped What’s in the Bible? would help us dig into the bestselling book of all time.

We were not disappointed.  The content in these videos is stellar!

Highlights of What’s in the Bible? videos:

When I say the content is top-notch, that’s to say my questions were answered positively.  NO – these videos are not dumbed down as far as information is concerned.

What’s in the Bible? videos are:

  • chronological :: presenting Bible stories in order as the events happened
  • chock-full of information :: each 25 minute episode (there are two on each DVD) takes a chunk of biblical history and breaks it into understandable bites – but the info such as names, dates, etc. is all there.  Plus there are study guides available for parents.
  • sequential :: the volumes build upon one another and refer back to previous stories and accounts – so starting with Volume 1  is recommended.
  • fun! :: a mix of both animation and human interaction as creator Phil speaks, songs, various characters and more!

Volume 6 Trailer {a speedy look at scenes from the episodes}:


Our Thoughts on What’s in the Bible? Vol. 6

The kids and I watched Volume 6 in the series – titled ‘A Nation Divided’.  These episodes cover I and II Kings and also I and II Chronicles.

We learned of a whole FAT list of kings (and queens!), mostly corrupt and bad, who reigned Israel after King David…and also:

  • how his son and grandson nearly threatened the Davidic covenant established by God
  • why Israel split into TWO nations
  • and the very sad ending of both Israel and Judah

But also, a tiny glimpse at the promise of HOPE through the prophet Isaiah – JESUS, our forever and good King, is coming!

:: :: ::

I was pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed this animated presentation of the Bible.  Our children were engaged, asked questions, and begged for me to get Volumes 2-5 (we own #1 as well)!  Grandparents, are you reading this? 🙂

How about you — interested in purchasing a What’s in the Bible video?  Use the coupon code ESTHER to receive $5 off any order from their website (enter code on last page of checkout)  expired!.

Would you like to WIN a copy of Volume 1?

Email subscribers, you’ll need to click over to the site to view everything.  NOTES:  Ends July 6th at midnight. Open to both US and non-US residents.  US receives a DVD of Volume 1 and non-US a digital download.  Winner has 48 hours to respond with mailing address before new winner is chosen.

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This set looks great! My littles love Veggie Tales – I had no idea they had another series! Thanks for sharing this!


I am working on putting together a Bible curriculum for our homeschool, and would love to try these. I have not been a big fan of Veggie Tales – I feel they do not communicate a reverence for God’s word, so we have not used them with our children. Do these videos contain the same silliness as Veggie Tales? I don’t mind humor, but want my children to understand, for example, that Moses was a real person and a great man of God – one of the hero’s of our faith — not some bumbling vegetable or goofy-looking animated figure. i’d love your opinion on how these videos handle this issue.


These look great – I love that it comes already put together for you!


This sounds fantastic for our kids. Would love to win it. Thanks for having a giveaway!!

We love VeggieTales & I know we’d love these! Thanks for the info & the opportunity to win.

We aren’t big TV/movie fans either, but I admit to being intrigued by these.


My kids will like that I would let them watch it at all! I’m one of those moms that pre-screen and reject a whole lot of media.


We love Veggie Tales, and know that we would probably love these as well! Would love to win!

I love the idea of them learning biblical truths if I need a little break.

Jennifer – did you watch the trailer? Maybe this will help you to discern.

While animation in general is not as serious, I do appreciate the human touch of creator Phil when he speaks (quite seriously) about what’s going on.

The content is different than VTales – I would say ‘meatier’. In our home, I do consider these to be very supplementary and not primary resources for Bible teaching. We enjoyed them.

these look SOOO good!!


We have borrowed one from the library and my daughter loves the puppets.

Heather N.

I know my kids would enjoy the “fun” presentation, and Mom likes that it really teaches the Bible (not only concepts like, be nice and respectful, etc. – not that that’s a bad thing, but I would love to see my 5 year old really understanding how it’s ALL connected so he doesn’t have to have that “DUH” (should’ve had a V8?) moment like his mom did at age 20!!!)

They had one of these running at the Lifeway store when we were there one day. And I could hardly get my kid to stop watching so we could leave. I’m not sure what exactly she found so fascinating about it, but it certainly held her interest. And she’s only 4.


My kids really like Veggie Tales and I’m sure they will like these too! Thanks for the review and giveaway!


My kids love learning bible stories so I know they would love them, thanks for introducing me to them!


My son likes anything animated!

Rebekah Shaver

I would LOVE to have another tool to teach my children the Bible. They enjoy DVD’s, but quality viewing is hard to come by.

“the promise of hope” sums it up

I love that it is supposed to be Biblical and not denominational.

Megan Turner

Just another way to visually share the Bible.


These DVDs are a fun way for kids to learn about the Bible. I love how it takes them through the whole Bible. Kids need those Bible literacy skills. Such a great series!


Thanks for introducing me to these,
I went to order them today but the coupon code is not working, maybe there was a deadline on it or something,,, just an fyi 🙂

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