grateful for the in-between

So we found ourselves stuck with an in-between vacation…

sandwiched on either side by events out of control, a little epic and worthy of pause and consideration.

Thinking and planning for this time didn’t include a two-night hospital stay for Mom,

and a hurricane threatening our days.

Not to mention the earthquake.

Tremors were felt while dining out :: sudden shaking of lights, tables, and the aquarium full of fish threatened to spill.  And I at first thought it was the kids shaking the table.

(Note to self:  the kids are not always being bad.  It could just be a natural disaster occurring.)

But an in-between vacation was what we had.  And we all (including a cousin along for the fun) thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Oh, yes.  I was frustrated at first. Lying in the wispy piece of material called a hospital gown, tears of disappointment threatened to spill numerous times, and finally I gave in to the emotion.  And realizing that departure from said vacation was upped by extra windy and watery weather to come…

…well, it just felt unfair somehow.

Our emotions need boundaries though.

Giving in completely would have caused me to miss the days we did have.  Days where the sun shone brightly and the rain held off, kids played wildly and we as parents marveled at the wonder of it all.  They’re growing up, these kiddos.

We were here to make family memories.  And though Mama’s heart bounced all over the map emotionally, the days were good.

And I am grateful.

While a town closed up shop, I thanked God for our ‘in-between’ vacation, this slice of time surrounded by those I love most.

Time well spent in both adventure and rest, a break from the everyday.

Simple.  Relaxing.  Real.  Nourishing.


Oh Lord....may I always be grateful for what is given to me,

instead of disturbed by what is taken away.




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