glimpses from our family Sabbath

:: family sit and swim at the lake; I was part of the sitting (and reading) crowd

 :: a retreat just for Mom and Dad (kiddos stayed with grandparents; tried taking pictures of ourselves with my phone, but neither of us seemed to know exactly where to look!  so, they’re not for public display at this time :))

:: randomly finding a spice and herb storeswoon!  thanks to my hubby for listening to me go on (and on) about it all…sea salts, sugars and herbs, oh my!

:: visiting with a very special little one – a jumpy, rambunctious one! 🙂

:: a week away to catch our breath…laughing together, sharing together, just being together.

the living of family

Grace to your weekend friends…


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What beautiful, beautiful pictures. I wanted to be in the cabin right next to you! Love the photo of all the kiddos, what a lovely family!! And that spice store — to die for! Where is that? I’m wanting to do something different with displaying my spices but I haven’t come up with the perfect solution yet. Do you have your spices out?


Hi Jane – thank you so much for the compliments. The spice store we found is in Mystic, CT…a tiny seaport town.

I too would love a nice display for spices! But, there’s just in the cabinets. 🙂

I think we may have been in Mystic right about the same time 🙂 We live about 30 min away. Love these pictures. Those kids are so cute!!! Glad to see you’re having such a lovely summer! xo

How beautiful! Lovely pictures and what a beautiful family! Love the spice store…I’d be ‘swooning’ too 🙂

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