full, full days

I am in a major ‘getting ready for the fall’ and organization mode around here!  My husband often comments that I’m usually organizing something in our home.  Ha. Ha. And I usually don’t laugh with him.  But seeing that May and June were spent vacationing for a week, camping for a weekend, attending a high school reunion out of state, and welcoming a new little one….well, by last week I felt completely out of sorts.  All I’ve basically done so far this summer is pack and unpack as we traveled around.

We start school in two weeks, our daughter and grandson just moved in {bringing us to a total of 8 people}, there are three children’s birthdays to celebrate in the next 6 weeks,  and the fall is our busiest time of year.  I desperately needed a plan!  And so I made a h-u-g-e list, a long list {I do love a good list!} that is being carried around the house, to stores and outside as to-do tasks are accomplished and crossed off.  Much progress is being made…yes.

Right now there is fullness, but a good kind!  I leave you with a few photos from our days ::

DSC_0012DSC_0028   :: making sweet treats

DSC_0031DSC_0034:: catching the sunlight 

DSC_0049 :: watching the miracles play

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I'm on the same 'beat' with a list in hand these days. We've been closet cleaning, freezer de-frosting, pantry de-cluttering, and all around organizing too. Trying to get to all those things that I just don't have the time for during our homeschool year. I LOVE to check things off my list!

Fruitful Vine2

Full days indeed. May God's grace and strength be yours. I love the wide open eyed look of the little one. It brought back some wonderful memories.